## [Cartoon Network](http://www.cartoonnetwork.com/)

![Cartoon Network](/images/blog/2011/04/cartoon-network-logo.png “cartoon-network-logo”)Using a mixture of [text, image and video placements](http://www.searchdiscovery.com/services/paid-media/ “Digital Adver­tis­ing”), we success­fully drove aware­ness, site engage­ment and offline tune-in for Cartoon Network’s new shows: Adven­ture Time, Unnat­ural History, Tower Prep, Ben 10 the animated movie, and new season of Total Drama Action.

## [PERGO](http://na.pergo.com/)

![PERGO](/images/blog/2011/04/pergo-logo.jpg “pergo-logo”)With agency partner, Fitzger­ald + Co., we worked to strengthen PERGO’s brand aware­ness and support seasonal promo­tions with retailer Lowe’s. Further, our [SEO](http://www.searchdiscovery.com/services/seo/ “Search Engine Opti­miza­tion (SEO)”) team devel­oped an acces­si­bil­ity strat­egy to over­come archi­tec­tural issues with the PERGO website.

## [Chick-fil‑a](http://www.chick-fil‑a.com/)

![Chick-fil‑a](/images/blog/2011/04/chick-fil-a-logo.png “chick-fil-a-logo”)Search Discovery teamed up with Chick-fil‑a to re-engi­neer its website to allow [search engine accessibility](http://www.searchdiscovery.com/services/seo/ “Search Engine Opti­miza­tion (SEO)”) for the key “restau­rant locator” pages. Together, we achieved top shelf ranking posi­tions for these pages. The focus for the future is to expand this acces­si­bil­ity across the site as a whole.

## [NBA.com](http://www.nba.com/)

![NBA.com](/images/blog/2011/04/nba-logo.jpg “nba-logo”)We engi­neered a high-volume [PPC campaign](http://www.searchdiscovery.com/services/paid-media/paid-search/ “Paid Search (Pay-per-Click)”) for the 2010 NBA Play­offs, keeping ad copy and keyword lists up-to-date through keeping a keen eye NBA news and match-ups.

## [NASCAR.com](http://www.nascar.com/)

![NASCAR.com](/images/blog/2011/04/nascar-logo.jpg “nascar-logo”)Utilizing race-based [paid search](http://www.searchdiscovery.com/services/paid-media/paid-search/ “Paid Search (Pay-per-Click)”) campaigns and refresh­ing ad copy with up-to-the-minute infor­ma­tion, we contin­u­ally exceed Turner Sports’ page view per visitor goals.

## [PGATour.com](http://www.pgatour.com/)

![PGATour.com](/images/blog/2011/04/pga-tour-logo.jpg “pga-tour-logo”)We designed ever­green and tour­na­ment-based [paid search](http://www.searchdiscovery.com/services/paid-media/paid-search/ “Paid Search (Pay-per-Click)”) campaigns to meet high page view and low cost per visitor goals. Our campaign deliv­er­ing a record 11.9 million total video streams, a 250% increase over last year.

## [Alter­na­tive Apparel](http://www.alternativeapparel.com/)

![Alter­na­tive Apparel](/images/blog/2011/04/alternative-apparel-logo.jpg “alternative-apparel-logo”)We performed a full [tech­ni­cal SEO assessment](http://www.searchdiscovery.com/services/seo/technical-site-assessment/ “Tech­ni­cal Site Assess­ment”) of the Alter­na­tive Apparel website to iden­tify obsta­cles to market­ing objec­tives, and worked closely with the client team to develop specific solu­tions to each issue.

## [Atlanta Hawks](http://www.nba.com/hawks/)

![](/images/blog/2011/04/hawks-logo.jpg “hawks-logo”)In order to iden­tify solu­tions to issues that prohibit [SEO success](http://www.searchdiscovery.com/services/seo/ “Search Engine Opti­miza­tion (SEO)”), we provided a full SEO tech­ni­cal site assess­ment. We then assisted in the migra­tion to a new CMS.

## [Apart­ment Finder](http://www.apartmentfinder.com/)

![Apart­ment Finder](/images/blog/2011/04/apartment-finder-logo.png “apartment-finder-logo”)We created an [SEO strategy](http://www.searchdiscovery.com/services/seo/dynamic-websites/ “SEO for Dynamic Websites”) to drive an already high perform­ing brand to increase SEO rank­ings and traffic. In fewer than 6 months we deliv­ered a 105% increase in traffic and 102% increase in pageviews.