Contin­u­ing the trend of Google penal­iz­ing big compa­nies for trying to arti­fi­cially manip­u­late PageR­ank, recently saw its search engine rank­ings take a nose dive from the top of page one in Google for keywords such as “bunk beds” and “vacuum clean­ers” to the bottom of page 5 and lower. Accord­ing to Amir Efrati from Over­stock had incen­tivized colleges and univer­si­ties by offer­ing “discounts of 10% on some merchan­dise to students and faculty. In exchange, it asked college and univer­sity websites to embed links for certain keywords.”

This inci­dent, along with JC Penney”s and Forbes” from last week, further stresses the impor­tance of invest­ing the time and resources into build­ing out vast amounts of high quality content that is both valu­able and rele­vant to users. Seeking out seem­ingly quick wins might look appeal­ing in the short term, but every­day it runs the risk of your company drop­ping from the top of page one in the search results to the bottom of page 5 and losing count­less amounts of customers and revenue in the blink of an eye.

We here at Search Discovery will never place clients in this sort of posi­tion as build­ing out high quality content is the basis for all of our SEO efforts. Under­stand­ing and satis­fy­ing online users” inten­tions is Google”s ulti­mate goal and it is the under­ly­ing motive that drives our method­olo­gies.