Keep SEO Ethical Part 2 – Penalized by Google

Continuing the trend of Google penalizing big companies for trying to artificially manipulate PageRank, recently saw its search engine rankings take a nose dive from the top of page one in Google for keywords such as “bunk beds” and “vacuum cleaners” to the bottom of page 5 and lower. According to Amir Efrati from Overstock had incentivized colleges and universities by offering “discounts of 10% on some merchandise to students and faculty. In exchange, it asked college and university websites to embed links for certain keywords.”

This incident, along with JC Penney”s and Forbes” from last week, further stresses the importance of investing the time and resources into building out vast amounts of high quality content that is both valuable and relevant to users. Seeking out seemingly quick wins might look appealing in the short term, but everyday it runs the risk of your company dropping from the top of page one in the search results to the bottom of page 5 and losing countless amounts of customers and revenue in the blink of an eye.

We here at Search Discovery will never place clients in this sort of position as building out high quality content is the basis for all of our SEO efforts. Understanding and satisfying online users” intentions is Google”s ultimate goal and it is the underlying motive that drives our methodologies.

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