It doesn’t take much to notice how much adver­tis­ing has changed. In the past, someone from your company would likely have an annual chat with a yellow pages repre­sen­ta­tive, wherein strat­egy was typi­cally reduced to content, size and place­ment. If you were feeling ambi­tious, maybe you would buy some radio time for your local market. If you were a REALLY big player, your company bought a few 30-second spots to be broad­cast to as many analog TV sets you could afford.

Fast-forward a couple decades to a complex and nuanced playing field with online market­ing chan­nels, digital TV, and unprece­dented control over target­ing, ad rota­tion, keywords, bidding, etc. So, how can you take advan­tage of these oppor­tu­ni­ties?

Take a look at each one of our paid media options below:

We take full advan­tage of the avail­able keyword and target­ing opti­miza­tion strate­gies, using sophis­ti­cated report­ing tech­niques and seasoned insight to help compa­nies obtain a maximum ROI.