Strengthen Your Paid Search Campaigns with an Account Audit

How long has it been since you’ve built your AdWords account structure?  If the answer is “years” like many advertisers then you are due for a much needed account audit.

Since a proper foundation is essential to scaling a media program, and holes in this foundation can cripple account performance, SDI’s Media team has a well-documented process to conduct an exhaustive paid search audit for our clients.  This analysis looks “under the hood” of AdWords or other media accounts and technologies to thoroughly understand the current state of the program.  Because search engine’s capabilities change often (i.e. enhanced campaigns, ad extension offerings, etc.)  and what drives quality score, the audit’s goal is to identify areas of opportunity to enhance the overall program for performance and optimization.

Our audit will cover the following critical areas:

  • Account settings (account access for security, APIs, billing)
  • Engine settings (SEM, content, mobile) – ad scheduling, ad rotating/serving, budget preferences, language and location settings
  • Technology settings (advertising management, analytics) APIs, reporting views, automated bidding rules, tagging audit and strategy
  • Structure & Naming Conventions (Campaigns, Ad Groups etc.) proper structure and naming conventions allow for tight controls within performance analysis, copy optimization and more
  • Bid Strategies & Settings (CPC, Auto-Bidding, Enhanced CPC etc.) auditing reliance on or opportunities for use of advanced bidding options
  • Reporting (reporting views) automation needs and reporting cadence
  • Operations (QA, contracts, goals and workflow)

With the holidays among us it’s a great time to audit and optimize your paid search program to capitalize on your paid media efforts.  Let Search Discovery help you!

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