How long has it been since you’ve built your AdWords account struc­ture?  If the answer is “years” like many adver­tis­ers then you are due for a much needed account audit.

Since a proper foun­da­tion is essen­tial to scaling a media program, and holes in this foun­da­tion can cripple account perfor­mance, SDI’s Media team has a well-docu­mented process to conduct an exhaus­tive paid search audit for our clients.  This analy­sis looks “under the hood” of AdWords or other media accounts and tech­nolo­gies to thor­oughly under­stand the current state of the program.  Because search engine’s capa­bil­i­ties change often (i.e. enhanced campaigns, ad exten­sion offer­ings, etc.)  and what drives quality score, the audit’s goal is to iden­tify areas of oppor­tu­nity to enhance the overall program for perfor­mance and opti­miza­tion.

Our audit will cover the follow­ing crit­i­cal areas:

  • Account settings (account access for secu­rity, APIs, billing)
  • Engine settings (SEM, content, mobile) – ad sched­ul­ing, ad rotating/serving, budget pref­er­ences, language and loca­tion settings
  • Tech­nol­ogy settings (adver­tis­ing manage­ment, analyt­ics) APIs, report­ing views, auto­mated bidding rules, tagging audit and strat­egy
  • Struc­ture & Naming Conven­tions (Campaigns, Ad Groups etc.) proper struc­ture and naming conven­tions allow for tight controls within perfor­mance analy­sis, copy opti­miza­tion and more
  • Bid Strate­gies & Settings (CPC, Auto-Bidding, Enhanced CPC etc.) audit­ing reliance on or oppor­tu­ni­ties for use of advanced bidding options
  • Report­ing (report­ing views) automa­tion needs and report­ing cadence
  • Oper­a­tions (QA, contracts, goals and work­flow)

With the holi­days among us it’s a great time to audit and opti­mize your paid search program to capi­tal­ize on your paid media efforts.  Let Search Discovery help you!