Don’t waste your time trying to find your audi­ence; let your customers come to you.

We use Google AdWords, Microsoft adCen­ter and Face­book (for more on display adver­tis­ing on Face­book, see our Social Media offer­ings).

Target­ing, testing, and adver­tis­ing are all a part of the paid search process. Paid search is more effi­cient than other commu­ta­tions vehi­cles because you are target­ing consumers that have already shown inter­est in your product. Searchers are more recep­tive to your message than radio listen­ers or TV watch­ers, since they are actively engaged. With a paid search campaign, you can tap into a popu­la­tion of consumers that are search­ing for your company, ready to hear your message, and want to purchase your product.

Paid search allows you to go up against all competi­tors with virtu­ally no barri­ers to entry. All you need is rele­vant content and the right keywords. We are experts in finding the right combi­na­tion of both and contin­u­ously opti­miz­ing the campaign to ensure the highest return on invest­ment.

Our unique approach to paid search is founded in our deep-rooted under­stand­ing of the psychol­ogy of the searcher. Since ROI is the only true measure of success, we focus on the place­ment of ultra-targeted messag­ing at differ­ent funnel levels and drive conver­sion-prone traffic to appro­pri­ate content. And if appro­pri­ate content doesn’t exist, we make it.

Our process for a conver­sion focused paid media program:

  1. Under­stand the consumer mindset and deci­sion funnel
  2. Select conver­sion-produc­ing keywords
  3. Struc­ture account for great­est speci­ficity of messag­ing and measure­ment
  4. Manage the auction to drive effi­cient conver­sion and adjust to change
  5. Examine post-click behav­ior to maxi­mize conver­sions
  6. Contin­u­ally refine the process and remove non-perform­ing elements for improved ROI

ROI You Can See

Using our expe­ri­ence and manage­ment strat­egy, you will pay less per click while drawing in the most users.

Using other online media, you have to invest in lengthy testing, target­ing, and creative. With paid search, there is no need to test for the right audi­ence and no lengthy turn-around times for creative devel­op­ment like there are with display media. Paid search campaigns require little turn­around time to change. The more we change, refresh, refine, and opti­mize our ads and keywords, the better our campaign will perform and the more you learn about your online audi­ence.

You can make big changes based on a seem­ingly small paid search test. With just a few keywords, you can gain insight into the how to opti­mize your online busi­ness. And testing is an essen­tial part of the paid search process. Small tests can lead to large campaign changes and tremen­dous success. These real time case studies can teach you:

  • Which message best attracts people to your site and prompts them to buy
  • Which prod­ucts are most appeal­ing to online consumers
  • Which pages best facil­i­tate goal comple­tion
  • Which site layouts, user paths, and content best promote purchases
Paid Search is basi­cally the adver­tis­ing side of search engine opti­miza­tion.