Wel­come to the SEO/SEM Tools ses­sion at Pub­Con Las Vegas!

Many online mar­keters have excel­lent skills in a cou­ple of dif­fer­ent areas, but the rest of the avail­able tac­tics are under­uti­lized. In this ses­sion, experts will dis­cuss the most up-to-date tools in search engine mar­ket­ing. Come learn all about search engine opti­miza­tion, pay-per-click and more, so you can add more bang for your mar­ket­ing buck.
Aaron Kro­nis, SEO Evan­ge­list , Wpro­mote Inc.

David Sny­der, SVP of Prod­uct Devel­op­ment, Blue­Glass

Jon Hen­shaw, Prod­uct Man­ag­er, Raven Inter­net Mar­ket­ing Tools

  • Rand Fishkin was sup­posed to be part of this ses­sion but is unable to attend.

Up first David Sny­der
1. Define Needs
— Research
— Man­age­ment
— Report­ing

2. Iden­ti­fy APIs for those Needs

— Google Web­mas­ter Tools
— Copy­press
— Odesk
Dave likes Cen­traldesk­top much bet­ter than base­camp

— raven
— Twit­ter
— Whatthetrend.com

Inter­act with data
Hire devel­op­er that knows
— xml

  • Have them read doc­u­men­ta­tion on your APIs and give you options for data.

  • Select how you will use data and have them begin build­ing the calls and crawl for get­ting this infor­ma­tion into your tool.

  • Hire a UI design­er that knows HTML/CSS to devel­op a usable front end design

— why is your tool bet­ter (flaw in most SEO tools)

  • what unique val­ue will it add to your orga­ni­za­tion

  • how can the val­ue be increased

  • Where to find social met­rics

  • How to find back­links

  • Where to find expert q&a

Mod­ern Cod­ing
— Code that makes sense and solves prob­lems will be stan­dard­ized
— Orig­i­nal HTML was seman­tic but was vast­ly ignored by web design­er
— Enter micro­for­mats

— Designed for Humans and Machines
— Struc­tured Data
Peo­ple, Orga­ni­za­tions, Cal­en­dars, Events, Opin­ions, Rat­ings, Reviews, Licens­es

For exam­ple hCard Cre­ator at microformats.org

— Con­tent Focused
— New Seman­tic Block Ele­ments
head­er, sec­tion, arti­cle, aside, nav, foot­er

  • Sim­i­lar to AdSense Sec­tion Tar­get­ing

Page­Speed tools:
— Yslow
— Page­Speed

— search vol­ume

Sur­vey your tar­get
— find out what actu­al cus­tomers look for
— task ori­ent­ed user test­ing

— What do peo­ple want to read?
— Cur­rent trends, like those found at Google Insights can be help­ful

Con­tent analy­sis
— TagCrowd
— Seman­tic Proxy engine
— Open Calis View­er

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