What? You Missed the Domo City Tour in Atlanta? We’ve Got Your Back!

On Tuesday, August 8, 2017, we were invited to join Domo at their City Tour stop in Atlanta to discuss the insights and innovation.

Search Discovery President, Mike Gustafson, spoke on a customer panel titled “The Board Will See You Now” alongside Steve Doctor, CFO of Ingo Money and Jason Roberts, Global Head of Technology and Analytics for Randstad. Moderated by Dustin Carter, Senior Manager of Strategic Partnerships at Domo, the room was asked to share some of the business issues they’re facing today. We heard everything from “Excel Hell,” to multiple disparate systems, to slow and clunky reporting.

Thanks to Domo, an end is near! Testimonies from the panel spoke to the quick adoption of Domo, a “land-and-expand” platform designed with the end user in mind. For Roberts, it allowed KPIs and objectives to be defined which, in turn, has increased productivity, and “created transparency across the enterprise has been very empowering.”

For Search Discovery, Domo has helped us drive performance efficiency to our clients. We can quickly and easily report “truth that is understandable and then actionable” both internally and externally. Our customers can get to their data when and where they want it, creating context and layered data that shortens their decision life cycle and empowers them to make better business decisions.

Next stop, Indianapolis! Our COO, Steve Gustafson, is speaking at that Domo City Tour event Wednesday, August 16. Join in if you are in the area!

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