Finding Community Within Search Discovery’s Recent Grad Program

If you’ve recently searched for “graduated, now what?” this is a post for you! Meet Camila Rubiano, Digital Marketing Associate, a recent college graduate who’s begun her career path at Search Discovery. Learn from Camila what it’s like to develop a work community and how we help our recent graduates discover their sense of purpose at work. 

How I discovered Search Discovery

I’ve recently begun my journey at Search Discovery as a Digital Marketing Associate after graduating from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in Business Administration and a concentration in marketing. 

During my last semester, while trying to secure a job post-graduation, a friend mentioned Search Discovery to me. After researching the company, I applied because of my interest in digital marketing (read more about how to get started in digital marketing).

My application felt like chasing down a dream: If I got the job, I would be working in the heart of Atlanta with a gorgeous view of the city surrounded by other incredible companies. Throughout college, I had no idea that my next step after graduation would be down the street from where I went to school and just about 30 minutes from where I grew up. 

As soon as I arrived in our Atlanta office, I knew that I was stepping into one of the coolest experiences—the kind of place that, until now, I had only daydreamed about.

How the Recent Grad Program works

The recent grad program at Search Discovery has helped me ease into adulthood soon after graduating. It was nice not to feel so isolated as a new hire, as that was something I had experienced in a prior internship. The program has allowed me to start this experience alongside 29 other people spread out between the Atlanta and Cleveland offices

The work community for recent graduates at Search Discovery is strong and intent on helping each individual find their purpose as they advance their career.
Search Discovery recent grads at the Austin 2022 “Becoming” onsite.

As daunting as starting a new job can be, my fears and anxieties were instantly reduced once I started chatting with all my fellow recent graduates.

On day one, I was welcomed by breakfast and quality banter with individuals from diverse backgrounds. For the next two days we all experienced company onboarding together, and throughout the next few months, we would meet for recent grad training every week. I was grateful to go into my first job with a work community already built in for me—even before day one of my new job. 

A more specific aspect of the onboarding process is the training and the amount of exposure I am getting to different types of expertise within the digital marketing field.  As a recent grad hire, Search Discovery understands that I may have more limited expertise in the field, so we get plenty of training to start the journey of knowledge. 

In my sixteen-week tenure, I’ve been training on Search Engine Optimization, SEO content, technical SEO, paid media, shopping ads, social media, and more. Through training and sitting in client working sessions, I am gaining knowledge of what my work could look like as I spend more time at Search Discovery. 

The purpose of being exposed to all this information is so that when I do start to get client work, I can decide where I want to spend my time, through more SEO work or more paid media. Most importantly, I have a say in what I want to learn and which route I want to take as I grow within the company. 

How I’ve built community within Search Discovery

Outside new hires within my practice, I can always count on the people that I had the opportunity to meet on my first day, especially all the other new hires.

Even though we don’t interact during general work days, I can always interact with them during lunch or at bigger company-wide events such as Whiskey Wednesdays. I often have lunch with my fellow new hires—sometimes at one of the many restaurants nearby—or we go on short walks to get out of the office, and I get to hear about their work within other practices in Search Discovery.


Community within my practice

The Digital Marketing Department has four new hires at the Atlanta office, including me. We had no idea that we would be interacting with each other every day and relying on each other as much as we do. I would consider each of them to be my work “besties” because of the bonding and interactions that have sprouted from experiencing training and all the Digital Marketing activities together. We’ve managed to form our own little community within our practice.

Fortunately, I know that I can always ask any of my fellow Digital Marketing new hires questions and ask for them to take a look at my work as well, just in case. Along with the new hires I get to work with every day, I also get to talk to the Digital Marketing new hires located in the Cleveland office, which is an entirely different group of people who are going through the same experience as me. 

As part of this huge learning experience, I find myself learning from the people around me daily. My desk is surrounded by more experienced individuals that have been working here for longer than I have. This has allowed me to connect with more people outside my recent grad class. Every single person in the office is worth meeting and having conversations with because they all have something to teach and for me to learn. 

These individuals reinforce the company culture of working with each other and for each other so that we can all be successful inside and outside of work. Search Discovery is truly a community of people that enjoy what they do and enjoy doing it together. 

How I’ve found a sense of purpose at work

Although it has been a short time, each day I am learning more and more about ways in which I can serve a purpose within my position at Search Discovery. 

It has become obvious that each individual that has worked here has found their own interests and ways in which they contribute to the work they are doing overall. Whether it’s through internal efforts or client-based work, our teammates are always seeking to help others. 

With the training that I have been provided, I am slowly gaining a better understanding of all kinds of work I could do in the future. I am learning that I can work with more emphasis on Paid Media or Search Engine Optimization, but also I can decide to do both! It feels as though the opportunities are endless, along with the endless amounts of learning that I am doing and will do while at Search Discovery. image1

Recent Grad Program experience takeaways

Overall, the experience within the Recent Grad Program at Search Discovery has been very valuable. I have felt welcomed from the moment I stepped through the doors. I have not once felt alone while going through this experience, and I am constantly surrounded by individuals who are growing with me and others that are truly rooting for us to grow.

Having recently begun my journey into adulthood, I can say that I’ve got a little bit of experience under my belt when it comes to entering post-grad life, and it has been made easier with my experience as a recent graduate new hire at Search Discovery. 

My Advice to Any Recent College Graduate

If you are in the position I was in less than a year ago, looking for your next destination, and the beginning of your career, here’s some advice and questions to think about: 

  • Think about what you have learned in classes and prior internships you may have had. What would you like to learn more about? What did you like, and what did you dislike? 
  • Think about what YOU want, and go out and find it! Consider what kind of work you want to do, where you want to go, and what opportunities you want to have within your career. 
  • Research company culture: Ask yourself about the people you want to surround yourself with and the work-life balance that you want to have. 
  • Connections, connections, connections! Had I not been connected to Search Discovery by a friend, there’s a chance that I would have ended up working somewhere else, not as satisfied with my experience. You never know where you might find yourself going just because of one person, 

If you are a soon-to-be grad and have an interest in any of the work, services, and products that Search Discovery offers, consider taking a look at applying to the Search Discovery Recent Grad Program. The process of navigating the post-grad world and applying to jobs can be daunting, but I promise that the experience I have had—and hope to continue having—is worth it at Search Discovery.

Apply to our Recent Grad Program or reach out to learn more!

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