Isn’t it frus­trat­ing to know that people people come to your site, look around and begin the buying process, only to abandon the shop­ping cart and leave your site? Wouldn’t it be great if you could lure them back to your site even though they are brows­ing some­where else?

With retar­get­ing, you get an oppor­tu­nity to recap­ture those customers by showing them ads as they browse other places on the web. Retar­get­ing is a specific form of display adver­tis­ing but it is person­al­ized for each visitor who comes to your sight but leaves.

Dras­ti­cally increase your conver­sion rates by showing ads with prod­ucts your customers have already viewed. By showing display ads to these people within hours of visit­ing your site, we keep your brand in your customers’ minds, giving them one more reason to finish their trans­ac­tion with you.