Overcome Marketing Challenges with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence, Powered by Datorama

You’ve got marketing data that you’re trying to visualize. More than that, though, you’ve got data that you want to both see and act upon. Marketing Cloud Intelligence (FKA Datorama) gives you clean reports that you can drill in on to see what is happening with your marketing budget, so that you can make strong, impactful decisions for your business.

Even before Datorama was purchased by Salesforce in 2018, Search Discovery was using the platform to help clients across industries deliver streamlined, omnichannel ad and media reporting at scale. This post gives marketers context about Intelligence to help them overcome obstacles and create opportunities with the tool.

What is Salesforce Datorama, or now, ‘Marketing Cloud Intelligence’?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence (powered by Datorama), also known as simply ‘Intelligence’ by those familiar with the Salesforce ecosystem, is a Salesforce Marketing Cloud-based platform that improves data integration, reporting, analysis, and optimization. It’s both a data management tool and a performance marketing tool used by analytical marketers to connect, visualize, manipulate, and act on their data.

Salesforce Datorama is in the process of changing its name to Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence.
Note on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence Help page notes the current name change status.

It’s used by organizations across industries who have already made investments to utilize the powerful Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Whereas Salesforce CRMA (Salesforce Customer Relationship Management Analytics, formerly Einstein Analytics) is a Salesforce tool for analyzing data insights on the sales side of a business, Intelligence enables data insights on the digital marketing side.

The tool works best for marketing managers, marketing directors, or executives who are trying to get a good dashboard view of digital marketing campaign performance and to see which channel or which campaign is delivering results. Brands that do not leverage omnichannel marketing resources will not benefit from using Marketing Cloud Intelligence.

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What challenges does Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence help marketers overcome?

1. Data Collection Obstacles
Perhaps the primary obstacle, Salesforce Marketing Cloud customers lean toward not using Intelligence reports because they do not understand how to collect the data (ingest) to support the reports and dashboards. Other organizations who have collected some of the standard data still need to hire certified experts to connect to other data lakes or warehouses and then harmonize the data to provide meaningful business impact.

Sometimes, Salesforce clients have access to Marketing Cloud Intelligence but struggle to realize it’s full potential, because they aren’t sure how to get the data ingested, connected, and transformed in order for the tool to be optimally useful. Often, these companies lack the in-house or data engineering resources to appropriately ingest the data.

Search Discovery has completed more than 40 complex Marketing Cloud Intelligence implementations with enterprise clients, ingesting and harmonizing data from countless sources so that marketing stakeholders can slice the data and drill in to see everything the data reveals. We can help your organization if this is your struggle.

Intelligence can connect to almost anything in or out of Salesforce Cloud platforms to collect data, including other warehouses, other data lakes, Sales or Service Cloud, the Salesforce CDP, and other Marketing Cloud data studios like Personalization. If you need a connector that doesn’t exist, you can set up an API to do it. Or we can help you do that. Some connections do require expertise, particularly when data harmonization is required, and that’s why Intelligence setup can be a nontrivial task. 

2. Data Harmonization Challenges
A second significant obstacle is that marketing data tends to come from multiple sources that need to be harmonized (merged) together and provide a more holistic view of your marketing activity.

To overcome this obstacle, Intelligence uses a standardized (digital) marketing data structure and a Harmonization Center with tools such as data classifications, patterns and harmonized dimensions, Media Name Builder app, and Fix and Maintain. It requires some up-front work to harmonize the numerous data sources (web analytics, paid search, display, video, social, etc.) to the Datorama data structure, but once complete the data integrates seamlessly and allows views that support CMO program overview as well as detailed analysis by marketing analysts.

For those organizations who have already standardized on Tableau visualizations, the platforms are integrated, so users can continue to use the platform they’re familiar with.

3. Reporting Limitations
Standard Marketing Cloud delivers reports, but these aren’t interactive or predictive and clients have difficulty visualizing the impact of marketing activities. Conversely, Intelligence reports and dashboards are interactive and predictive to assist sufficiently in visualizing insights to the aggregated Email, Push, and Journey data up to the business unit level. These insights are also highly actionable in the Activation Center, which allows creating rule-triggered alerts via Slack messages or emails.

From actionable insights to smart predictions, brands can benefit from the interactive data visualizations in Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence, powered by Datorama.

Another limitation of reporting across all platforms is rapidly expiring first-party cookies due to Intelligence Tracking Prevention (ITP) and other browser technologies intended to protect user privacy. Organizations need to be able to ingest and process this transactional data quickly if they want to use it to power marketing actions on, say, a weekly basis. Marketing Cloud Intelligence’s ability to Connect/Unify, Analyze, and Action off data efficiently and quickly is its advantage in a landscape where cookies rapidly expire. (Learn how to power cookieless marketing with first-party data in Salesforce CDP.) 

4. Scalability
Building a single source of data at an enterprise scale is hard work. Intelligence helps marketers analyze and act on data at scale and efficiently. Salesforce CDP data (provided real-time with Genie) can be loaded into Datorama/Intelligence for analysis to pull the CDP’s calculated insights, ingest predefined insights on demographics, engagement, and conversion, and deploy out-of-the-box dashboards in Intelligence

What are the benefits of using Marketing Cloud Intelligence?

  • Easy to use—Everyone from the CMP to the digital marketing campaign analyst to the data scientist can use clicks, not code, to do filtering, drilling, and prediction.
  • Lets you activate data on third-party platforms
  • Connects and unifies data across vendors and channels into one, central place.
  • Bots can be created to monitor and alert you to issues or recommended changes to improve your paid media performance.
  • Functions can be created to start/stop media based on set criteria.
  • Allows you to export reports across all channels and campaigns
  • Datorama’s data lake lets you analyze granular, user-level data alongside your other data
  • Uses Salesforce AI powered by Einstein to deliver actionable insights that can be controlled within the tool
  • Lets you visualize your data in sleek, customizable dashboards
  • Shares dashboards manually or automatically
  • Marketplace lets you access marketing solutions like apps and connectors that let you enrich your Datorama workspaces

For more information about the capabilities, benefits & use cases of Marketing Cloud Intelligence, check out our previous in-depth post about the tool.

How Search Discovery can help

Search Discovery is a top-tier Salesforce partner, providing expertise in deployment, activation, consultation, and managed services, as well as value-added services that go beyond standing up software to maximizing your return on investment. Ask for a product demo or to see our portfolio of case studies, then consider us for your next Salesforce Marketing Cloud project.

Reach outtoday to learn how Intelligence (powered by Datorama) can put exactly the Marketing Cloud data you need at your fingertips.

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