Sampling & Segmentation with Satellite Tag Management

Are you willing to let a vendor dictate the pace at which your business moves?

The ability to sample or segment your web traffic for digital measurement tools has long been the domain of the more advanced testing solutions in the market.  But there are plenty of uses cases for wanting to sample or throttle some percentage of your users that fall outside the scope of testing such as heat maps, feedback surveys etc.  In my time consulting with companies it was not uncommon to hear about conversations like the one below on a frequent basis.

In a conference room in a company much like yours, gathers a web marketing team planning their work for the next cycle.

Marketing Manager: “Can you add this new re-targeting pixel to the site for me?  It’s just one line of code and should be easy”

Developer : “Sure, just send me the code”

Marketing Manager: “Great!  Oh I need to make sure that this tag is only served to our users that are on our secure pages, in the products folder, have been on the site for at least 2 minutes, it is at least their 3rd visit to our site, and I need to apply that to only 3 of our 7 domains.”

( long pause)

Marketing Manager: “And for only 25% of the traffic.  And for this Friday!”

Developer: “I hate you”

Sound familiar?  Have you been on either side of this conversation?  Both parties know that this is a big ask, and that in most environments a nearly impossible set of tasks to complete in a reasonable amount of time, but that does not stop these types of requests from coming in.  With Satellite Tag Management however you are able to utilize our top-down approach to create these user segments with precision and speed.

The Ask

Add a new tag to your website with the following segmentation requirements:

  • Secure pages only
  • Restrict to the /products/ sub folder
  • Time on site greater than 2 minutes
  • User has been to the site at least twice before
  • Only applies to a subset of all your domains
  • Only serve the tag to 25% of the traffic
  • And get this done by Friday!!
  • Don’t plot revenge against the requester

The Satellite Way

Watch the short video below to see how easy it is to set all of the requirements above in less than 1 minute.


In the video above we were able to add the sampling rate of 25% by just adding a rule criteria of Data Element to the rule.  This is the only item from the list above that requires simple configuration before you can utilize that feature.  To accomplish this we will need to create a new Data Element that utilizes a custom script to set the percentage for the sampling rate.

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 2.06.54 PM Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 2.11.16 PM

Note: To change the sampling rate from 25% to another value, simply edit the .25 to the value required.  .10 for 10%, .50 for 50%, etc.

Once you have created the Data Elements or set of Data Elements for the sampling rates you need, you will be able to apply those sampling rates to any rule and set of tags that you would like to.  Control the sampling rate for heat maps, voice of the customer, testing solutions, and more.

Expand your world

Satellite Tag Management enables you to get out of the weeds by making the simple tasks easy and making the complex tasks simple, freeing your time to work on the complex items that can really have an impact on your business.  How long would it take you to accomplish the steps above using traditional implementation methods or even another TMS vendor?  Days? Weeks?  Months?  Are you willing to let a vendor dictate the pace at which your business moves?  Or are you ready to take a test flight with Satellite?

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