Are you will­ing to let a ven­dor dic­tate the pace at which your busi­ness moves?

The abil­i­ty to sam­ple or seg­ment your web traf­fic for dig­i­tal mea­sure­ment tools has long been the domain of the more advanced test­ing solu­tions in the mar­ket.  But there are plen­ty of uses cas­es for want­i­ng to sam­ple or throt­tle some per­cent­age of your users that fall out­side the scope of test­ing such as heat maps, feed­back sur­veys etc.  In my time con­sult­ing with com­pa­nies it was not uncom­mon to hear about con­ver­sa­tions like the one below on a fre­quent basis.

In a con­fer­ence room in a com­pa­ny much like yours, gath­ers a web mar­ket­ing team plan­ning their work for the next cycle.

Mar­ket­ing Man­ag­er: “Can you add this new re-tar­get­ing pix­el to the site for me?  It’s just one line of code and should be easy”

Devel­op­er : “Sure, just send me the code”

Mar­ket­ing Man­ag­er: “Great!  Oh I need to make sure that this tag is only served to our users that are on our secure pages, in the prod­ucts fold­er, have been on the site for at least 2 min­utes, it is at least their 3rd vis­it to our site, and I need to apply that to only 3 of our 7 domains.”

( long pause)

Mar­ket­ing Man­ag­er: “And for only 25% of the traf­fic.  And for this Fri­day!”

Devel­op­er: “I hate you”

Sound famil­iar?  Have you been on either side of this con­ver­sa­tion?  Both par­ties know that this is a big ask, and that in most envi­ron­ments a near­ly impos­si­ble set of tasks to com­plete in a rea­son­able amount of time, but that does not stop these types of requests from com­ing in.  With Satel­lite Tag Man­age­ment how­ev­er you are able to uti­lize our top-down approach to cre­ate these user seg­ments with pre­ci­sion and speed.

The Ask

Add a new tag to your web­site with the fol­low­ing seg­men­ta­tion require­ments:

  • Secure pages only
  • Restrict to the /products/ sub fold­er
  • Time on site greater than 2 min­utes
  • User has been to the site at least twice before
  • Only applies to a sub­set of all your domains
  • Only serve the tag to 25% of the traf­fic
  • And get this done by Fri­day!!
  • Don’t plot revenge against the requester

The Satellite Way

Watch the short video below to see how easy it is to set all of the require­ments above in less than 1 minute.


In the video above we were able to add the sam­pling rate of 25% by just adding a rule cri­te­ria of Data Ele­ment to the rule.  This is the only item from the list above that requires sim­ple con­fig­u­ra­tion before you can uti­lize that fea­ture.  To accom­plish this we will need to cre­ate a new Data Ele­ment that uti­lizes a cus­tom script to set the per­cent­age for the sam­pling rate.

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 2.06.54 PM Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 2.11.16 PM

Note: To change the sam­pling rate from 25% to anoth­er val­ue, sim­ply edit the .25 to the val­ue required.  .10 for 10%, .50 for 50%, etc.

Once you have cre­at­ed the Data Ele­ments or set of Data Ele­ments for the sam­pling rates you need, you will be able to apply those sam­pling rates to any rule and set of tags that you would like to.  Con­trol the sam­pling rate for heat maps, voice of the cus­tomer, test­ing solu­tions, and more.

Expand your world

Satel­lite Tag Man­age­ment enables you to get out of the weeds by mak­ing the sim­ple tasks easy and mak­ing the com­plex tasks sim­ple, free­ing your time to work on the com­plex items that can real­ly have an impact on your busi­ness.  How long would it take you to accom­plish the steps above using tra­di­tion­al imple­men­ta­tion meth­ods or even anoth­er TMS ven­dor?  Days? Weeks?  Months?  Are you will­ing to let a ven­dor dic­tate the pace at which your busi­ness moves?  Or are you ready to take a test flight with Satel­lite?