I am impressed.”

Wow! That is really cool.”

Why are there always so many people at your booth?”

Team Satellite at eMetrics BostonThese were some of the things I heard people say who visited our Satel­lite booth last week at eMet­rics in Boston. It was awesome to show Satel­lite to so many great analyt­ics and market­ing people. In some ways, eMet­rics Boston was the coming out party for tag manage­ment as an indus­try. Vendor pres­ence was ubiq­ui­tous, and Google announced their entry into the tag manage­ment space with Google Tag Manager.

As the new guy, I got a lot of ques­tions from people in the analyt­ics commu­nity asking me whether I regret­ted my deci­sion to join a tag manage­ment vendor at the same time as Google announc­ing their entry into the indus­try. The short answer: I couldn’t have timed it better if I were a genius. To para­phrase Des Cahill, in his recent blog post over at Ensighten, “Time to get out the long boards and ride the wave.”

Let’s take a step back and think philo­soph­i­cally for a moment about tag manage­ment. At its core, manag­ing a tag outside of the normal IT deploy­ment process is a fairly mundane activ­ity. So why this excite­ment? Why is Google getting into this? Because this is all part of an inex­orable shift driving the web to be more imme­di­ate and personal. In the context of measure­ment, marketers are in tune with the fact that because the digital expe­ri­ence is constantly iter­at­ing the measure­ment of activ­ity and behav­ior must constantly update as well. And as the compet­i­tive land­scape fills up with vendors what is going to matter most is not IF this or that tool can provide the needed measure­ment capa­bil­ity. What’s going to matter is HOW the tools provide that capa­bil­ity. Today Satel­lite is the only tool that lets marketers and analysts own the measure­ment of their digital prop­er­ties without writing javascript. Make no mistake, measure­ment of digital behav­ior needs to be as respon­sive and fast as the rest of digital, and Satel­lite deliv­ers that.

Don’t just take the word of the new guy that Satel­lite is the best at this, let us show you in a proof of concept.