“I am impressed.”

“Wow! That is really cool.”

“Why are there always so many people at your booth?”

Team Satellite at eMetrics BostonThese were some of the things I heard people say who visited our Satellite booth last week at eMetrics in Boston. It was awesome to show Satellite to so many great analytics and marketing people. In some ways, eMetrics Boston was the coming out party for tag management as an industry. Vendor presence was ubiquitous, and Google announced their entry into the tag management space with Google Tag Manager.

As the new guy, I got a lot of questions from people in the analytics community asking me whether I regretted my decision to join a tag management vendor at the same time as Google announcing their entry into the industry. The short answer: I couldn’t have timed it better if I were a genius. To paraphrase Des Cahill, in his recent blog post over at Ensighten, “Time to get out the long boards and ride the wave.”

Let’s take a step back and think philosophically for a moment about tag management. At its core, managing a tag outside of the normal IT deployment process is a fairly mundane activity. So why this excitement? Why is Google getting into this? Because this is all part of an inexorable shift driving the web to be more immediate and personal. In the context of measurement, marketers are in tune with the fact that because the digital experience is constantly iterating the measurement of activity and behavior must constantly update as well. And as the competitive landscape fills up with vendors what is going to matter most is not IF this or that tool can provide the needed measurement capability. What’s going to matter is HOW the tools provide that capability. Today Satellite is the only tool that lets marketers and analysts own the measurement of their digital properties without writing javascript. Make no mistake, measurement of digital behavior needs to be as responsive and fast as the rest of digital, and Satellite delivers that.

Don’t just take the word of the new guy that Satellite is the best at this, let us show you in a proof of concept.

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