Old and busted: Adobe Tag Manager (ATM)
New hotness: Adobe Dynamic Tag Manage­ment (DTM)

You might have heard the news. Adobe is sunset­ting their old Adobe Tag Manager product. This product was replaced in Septem­ber 2013 with the launch of Dynamic Tag Manage­ment in the Adobe Market­ing Cloud. Search Discovery is proud to be the creators of Satel­lite, the product that Adobe acquired and relaunched as Adobe DTM.

Hey, I was using that!”

If you are still currently using Adobe Tag Manager there is some impor­tant infor­ma­tion you need before it is sunset. As of August 1, 2015 tags and contain­ers in the old tool, ATM, will become uned­itable. You will still be able to log in, but only to copy your code out of the contain­ers.

Start­ing on October 1, 2015, Adobe Tag Manager will be sunset and the service will stop being avail­able. This could cause errors on your pages and needs atten­tion.

How do I know if I have ATM or DTM?

Typi­cally (yes it can be more diffi­cult than this) all you need to do is look at the source code of you page and look for “adobetag.com”.

If you see this, more than likely you’re using the old Adobe ATM to fire off Adobe Analyt­ics or Target. But don’t forget to also look for the new DTM code as well. We’ve seen a number of people add DTM but just forget to remove the old ATM container causing unneeded stress. If you’re not sure which TMS you’re using or inter­ested in learn­ing about the func­tions ATM is provid­ing your website, feel free to reach out to us.

What does this mean for me?

First the good news. Adobe DTM is an vast improve­ment over ATM. Not only is it a great new home for all of your Adobe tags, but it is the perfect plat­form for any market­ing and analyt­ics tag you need to deploy.

Now the better news. Search Discovery can help. Search Discovery has helped numer­ous compa­nies success­fully navi­gate the ATM to DTM migra­tion. Our team is not only the most expe­ri­enced Adobe DTM imple­men­ta­tion group in the world, but we were the first company in the Amer­i­cas to be recog­nized by Adobe as an Analyt­ics Special­ized partner.

Ok here is the bad news. You need to act fast. October 1, 2015 is right around the corner.

What do we do?

Many orga­ni­za­tions have already at least started the migra­tions process. Adobe provides some good docu­men­ta­tion on the steps to take. However, if this process is frus­trat­ing you, or is not proceed­ing accord­ing to plan, that is where Search Discovery can help. reach out to us at contact@searchdiscovery.com to hear how we can attach a rocket to your ATM to DTM migra­tion.