Search Discovery Adds Dynamic Duo to Optimization Team

We are excited to announce that Testing and Optimization industry experts Kelly Wortham and Melanie Hall have joined Search Discovery.


Kelly and Melanie share a passion for using analytics-driven optimization to drive decision-making. “Anyone can ‘do’ A/B testing. It takes something more to truly optimize.” Says Kelly. “One of the reasons I am excited to have joined Search Discovery is because the company truly understands the importance of data-driven optimization. We focus on helping brands optimize the relationships they have with their customers, using the best tools available—from analytics to testing, to voice of the customer.”

Melanie agrees, “A true optimization program does not actually test everything; it optimizes everything using strategic prioritization to decide when to test, when to fix, and when to dig a little deeper and get more data.

The chuckling fates that brought Kelly and Melanie together years ago at Dell have woven them back into the same tapestry, yet again. And the destiny is sweet! Because while the duo collaborated closely to drive continuous improvements for both customers and for Dell’s program and processes, the two became great friends. They teamed up, laughed a lot, and excellence followed in their wake.

From Dell, Kelly and Melanie took separate paths. Kelly joined Gary Angel’s Semphonic team at EY and learned more about what it takes to serve on the agency side of optimization, while Melanie dove deep into financial services optimization at American Express, building their program from the ground up.

About Kelly and Melanie

Kelly has been a well-known presence in the digital analytics and optimization industry since 2007. She is a frequent speaker at industry events and has taught workshops at digital analytics conferences for the past 5 years. She is the founder and owner of the highly-acclaimed Test & Learn Community, where optimization practitioners from across all industries and from 5 different countries meet twice monthly via teleconference to discuss various topics related to the testing space. Prior to joining Search Discovery, Kelly leads the Optimization Center of Excellence at EY and managed the global award-winning optimization program at Dell.

Melanie is a digital strategy leader with deep functional expertise in end-to-end optimization program design, evaluation, and strategy. She has successfully utilized her talent for design thinking to lead multiple site redesigns and agile transformations. Melanie has been a featured keynote speaker in the US and UK, has won multiple awards for test design and outcomes, and is a recognized thought leader in optimization strategy. Before joining Search Discovery, Melanie built, optimized, and led online strategic experimentation programs for American Express and Dell. From strategy and ideation through deep-dive analysis, she has directed all activities related to optimization and strategic online testing for these Fortune 100 companies. She specializes in working through ambiguity and layers of complexity to find solutions that drive organizational goals and KPIs.


Want help with your optimization program?

We can help you design a new program, optimize an existing program, or improve existing processes – from idea intake to insights sharing – while providing the end-to-end analytics and development support you need from a full-service optimization agency. Our passion is enabling our clients with the tools and expertise to build and grow a valuable, sustainable optimization program. Hit us up!

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