Search Discovery to Sponsor Adobe Summit for Fourth Consecutive Year

by Mar 16, 2017

2017 marks our fourth consec­u­tive year spon­sor­ing Adobe Summit, and it’s been an amazing journey getting to this point. When we first attended Adobe Summit in 2013, we were excited to show off our new tag manage­ment soft­ware called Satel­lite. Later that year, Satel­lite was acquired by Adobe and renamed Adobe Dynamic Tag Manage­ment (DTM), and Search Discovery was offi­cially on the map for future Adobe Summits.

Fast-forward­ing to the present, Search Discovery has contin­ued being the premier DTM expert, grown our team astro­nom­i­cally, and helped hundreds more busi­nesses make better deci­sions using data. If you’d like to access our knowl­edge of DTM, the Market­ing Cloud, or analyt­ics in general at Adobe Summit, here’s how to find us:


New DTM?

If you scan the session list, you will see some sessions talking about “New Dynamic Tag Manage­ment”. Adobe is making some bold and excit­ing updates to the tag manage­ment tool that we know and love. Adobe Summit is the place to get the full update, and once the big announce­ments are made we can’t wait to start talking with people about how to take advan­tage of some of the new features. Be sure to stop by Booth 946 to chat with us.


Speaking Session

Search Discovery’s Analyt­ics Prac­tice Lead, Michael Helbling, will be speak­ing at Adobe Summit and sharing his perspec­tive on the new version of DTM and what it means for the indus­try.


Networking with Us

The Search Discovery team will be easy to find at Adobe Summit. Come to Booth 946 to see some of the inno­v­a­tive things we are doing to democ­ra­tize data, discuss the new version of DTM, or hear how we are helping compa­nies harness the power of the Adobe Market­ing Cloud to make better deci­sions.


About Search Discovery

Search Discovery is a digital intel­li­gence company that empow­ers orga­ni­za­tions to make trans­for­ma­tive busi­ness deci­sions. Our solu­tions empower smarter deci­sion-making. We help orga­ni­za­tions capture, under­stand and commu­ni­cate the right data to propel their busi­ness forward.

Our goal? High-fives, hand­shakes and busi­ness impact.