We are proud to announce that Search Discovery has become the first Adobe Analyt­ics Special­ized Partner in the Amer­i­cas.

Compa­nies and orga­ni­za­tions of all types are increas­ingly turning to data to improve their prod­ucts, under­stand their customers and measure their perfor­mance. This is espe­cially true of marketers who have come to see the collec­tion and analy­sis of data as essen­tial elements of success­ful market­ing oper­a­tions. Accord­ing to a study by Forbes Insights and Turn, 55% of US market­ing exec­u­tives lever­aged analyt­ics to measure the major­ity of their market­ing campaigns.

Search Discovery has been on the fore­front of the measure­ment move­ment for the last ten years as an agency provid­ing analyt­ics solu­tions, services and tech­nol­ogy to marketers at Fortune 1000 orga­ni­za­tions. In 2013, we sold our Satel­lite Tag Manage­ment solu­tion to Adobe Systems, which is now known as Adobe Dynamic Tag Manage­ment, a core service of the Adobe Market­ing Cloud.

Today, we are contin­u­ing to lead the way and posi­tion ourselves to serve the measure­ment needs of marketers.  We have worked hard to be the first to be the first Digital Analyt­ics agency in the Amer­i­cas to achieve the Adobe Analyt­ics Special­iza­tion. Adobe Analyt­ics is the leading web analyt­ics solu­tion on the market and was recently named a leader in the Web Analyt­ics Forrester Wave Report, scoring higher than any other plat­form for mobile browsers, mobile appli­ca­tions and social analyt­ics.

To achieve the status of Adobe Analyt­ics Special­iza­tion part­ners must demon­strate their exper­tise through having staff certi­fied in multi­ple aspects of digital analyt­ics and submit multi­ple client refer­ences endors­ing their exper­tise in deliv­er­ing Adobe Analyt­ics solu­tions for customers. We are commit­ted to invest­ing in our Adobe part­ner­ship, and this initia­tive further demon­strates our commit­ment to our Adobe part­ner­ship and our belief in their solu­tions. We have seen our clients have incred­i­ble success trans­form­ing their market­ing orga­ni­za­tions through more effec­tive data strat­egy and measure­ment.

This trans­for­ma­tion requires the right tools and the right team.  We have grown the size and depth of exper­tise of our team signif­i­cantly in the last year adding more than 15 expe­ri­enced analyt­ics profes­sion­als in the last 6 months alone.  This special­iza­tion is excit­ing for us as it allows us to high­light the incred­i­ble talent and expe­ri­ence of our team.

Learn more about what it took for us to become an Adobe Analyt­ics Special­ized partner.

Search Discovery is helping orga­ni­za­tions trans­form their market­ing orga­ni­za­tions through the effec­tive collec­tion and use of data.  Let us know how our team can help you.