We are thrilled to announce the addi­tion of seven highly expe­ri­enced analyt­ics-indus­try experts to our growing roster of talent.

Joining SDI are Eric Mati­soff, formerly from Razor­fish; Mark String­ham, recently from Society Consult­ing; Stew Schilling, previ­ously with Lands End; James Koenig formerly from Rosetta; Kather­ine Zdan, formerly from Accen­ture; Jason Call, previ­ously with Numeric Analyt­ics; and Steve Curtis, an Adobe and Tealium alum.

With the addi­tion of these new hires, Search Discovery has contin­ued to rapidly grow its analyt­ics prac­tice and service offer­ings. This tremen­dous growth has followed on the heels of the sale of its tag manage­ment product, Satel­lite (now Adobe Dynamic Tag Manage­ment), to Adobe last July.

In the last nine months, Search Discovery’s team has more than doubled, and we’re picking up speed,” says Lee Blanken­ship, SDI’s founder and CEO. “This is due in part to our repu­ta­tion and on-going part­ner­ships with both Adobe and Google, our exper­tise in tag manage­ment as the creators of Satel­lite, our success as the leading imple­menter of Adobe DTM, as experts in analyt­ics strat­egy, analy­sis and data science, and our inte­grated approach to market­ing and media opti­miza­tion.”

Blanken­ship points out that these newest hires are repre­sen­ta­tive of how SDI’s approach and staffing model differs from other agen­cies. “Many agen­cies focus on hiring smart kids out of college and train­ing them on the job,” Blanken­ship says. “Unfor­tu­nately, that means that their clients are often getting a team of ambi­tious, but ulti­mately inex­pe­ri­enced, resources who have the poten­tial to nega­tively impact a company’s most impor­tant commod­ity, its data integrity.

We’re build­ing our team on a foun­da­tion of expe­ri­ence, intel­li­gence and thought lead­er­ship. When you work with SDI, you can rest assured that you’re getting the industry’s top talent.”

Eric Matisoff, Director of Analytics


Eric has been a well-known pres­ence in the analyt­ics indus­try since 2005, where he has worked in infor­ma­tion design, busi­ness intel­li­gence and digital market­ing. He has worked with a variety of clients in the high tech, auto­mo­tive, CPG, finan­cial, and health­care verti­cals, includ­ing Fortune 50 compa­nies such as Ford, JP Morgan Chase, and Microsoft.

Prior to Search Discovery, Eric created the Web Intel­li­gence prac­tice at Razor­fish, a leading Publi­cis Groupe digital agency, where the team focused on site-side analyt­ics, site opti­miza­tion, and tag manage­ment tools. He brings a breadth of expe­ri­ence working with analyt­ics plat­forms from Adobe, Google, and Webtrends.

Mark Stringham, Director of Analytics


Mark String­ham joins SDI with 10 years of expe­ri­ence in digital analyt­ics and client rela­tion­ship manage­ment. In addi­tion to his work with top brands and fortune 500 media clients, Mark brings exper­tise with enter­prise analyt­ics imple­men­ta­tions and a passion for client success. Prior to joining SDI, Mark was Direc­tor of Analyt­ics Services and a Prin­ci­pal Consul­tant at Society Consult­ing. He also led client engage­ments for Keystone Solu­tions, Adobe Systems and Omni­ture.


## Stew Schilling, Senior Manager of Analyt­ics


Stew joins SDI from Land’s End, where he was most recently manager of web analyt­ics. With seven years of web analyt­ics focus, on top of 14 years of dot-com expe­ri­ence, Stew has deep expe­ri­ence with a breadth of analyt­ics and busi­ness intel­li­gence tools, as well as tech­ni­cal and data analy­sis expe­ri­ence in retail, merchan­dis­ing, site opti­miza­tion, user behav­ior and segmen­ta­tion.

James Koenig, Senior Manager of Analytics


James joins SDI from Rosetta, where he was a manager of analyt­ics and opti­miza­tion. With seven years of digital analyt­ics expe­ri­ence, Jim has led many high profile analyt­ics engage­ments for compa­nies like Samsung, Activi­sion and VMware. Through­out his career he has pioneered new solu­tions to market­ing and customer analyt­ics chal­lenges. His exper­tise spans a wide assort­ment of analyt­ics tools includ­ing Adobe Analyt­ics and Google Analyt­ics.

Katherine Zdan, Manager of Analytics


Kather­ine joins SDI from Accen­ture where she was a digital analyt­ics consul­tant, primar­ily manag­ing end-to-end analyt­ics imple­men­ta­tions for clients span­ning the finan­cial services, govern­ment, telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions and retail indus­tries.  Her expe­ri­ence dates back to 2000 and includes Adobe Analyt­ics, IBM’s Core­met­rics, Webtrends, and Tealium.  Prior to joining Accen­ture she was a consul­tant at the State of Georgia where her primary respon­si­bil­i­ties included analyt­ics soft­ware integration/development, web traffic analy­sis, Google Search Appli­ance appli­ca­tion devel­op­ment and search engine opti­miza­tion.

Jason Call, Senior Analyst


Jason joins SDI from Numeric Analyt­ics where he was most recently a senior account coor­di­na­tor. Jason has over three years of expe­ri­ence as an analyst special­iz­ing in data visu­al­iza­tion and making mean­ing­ful busi­ness recom­men­da­tions.

Steve Curtis, Director of Business Development


Steve joins SDI with seven years of expe­ri­ence in busi­ness-to-busi­ness sales and digital market­ing.  He has worked with some of the world’s leading enter­prise clients across multi­ple verti­cals, includ­ing US Bank, Aber­crom­bie & Fitch and Redbox. This expe­ri­ence has given him a first-hand view of the complex­i­ties often asso­ci­ated with effec­tive web strat­egy and execu­tion.  As a former Adobe Analyt­ics (Omni­ture) sales exec­u­tive and Tealium sales leader, he brings with him an in-depth under­stand­ing of web analyt­ics and tag manage­ment systems.

Executive Team Expansion

In the last nine months, Search Discovery has also added key exec­u­tive talent, includ­ing: Mike Gustafson, Chief Oper­at­ing Officer, formerly a partner at Publi­cis Goupe agency Rosetta where he lead the 450-person tech­nol­ogy prac­tice; and Roy Bielewicz, vice pres­i­dent of sales & market­ing, formerly an asso­ciate partner/vice pres­i­dent at Rosetta, where he built and led the agency’s 40-person analyt­ics prac­tice.