Search Discovery is “Going Green”

Ok. The title is a little misleading. While we here at Search Discovery are certainly eco-friendly, this post isn’t about solar panels or recycling. It’s about something far more important: office pranks. If there is one thing the team at Search Discovery is good at, it’s office pranks and also analytics. We’ve seen cubicles covered in tin foil, twitter take-overs, entire offices relocated, and toys left in questionable positions to name a few. So when our SEO Strategist, Jordan Silton recently got married and went on his honeymoon to the scenic rolling hills of Napa Valley, the gears started turning. I tend to be the instigator in most of these scenarios, and after a brief brainstorming session, we had ruled out a bunch of ideas.

  • hidden beehive in desk drawer – too much collateral damage, allergies(?), no access to beehive
  • cups filled with water covering every inch of his cubicle – eh, it’s been done.
  • covering his cubicle floor with live turf grass – too complicated….or is it?

IMG 0280
I couldn’t get the idea out of my head. We could give Jordan a lawn! I set out to find sod and after hitting two Home Depots and a Pike nursery, I was coming up blank. No one had any in stock! I went home depressed and dejected. Friday morning, on a lark, I called Lowes and, to my surprise, they had just received a truckload! I told Lee and Evan what I had in mind and Lee’s eyes lit up. Evan handed over a 20 and Lee said “I gotta go with you”. We loaded up and headed to Lowes and got everything we needed. 36 sq/ft of brilliant green fescue grass, a lawn chair, a pink flamingo, some bamboo fencing, wooden edging, gardeners gloves, a watering can, and a hanging bird feeder.

So here’s how it turned out. What do you think?

IMG 0325

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