Search Discovery’s Media Training Program to Close the Talent Gap

by Lindsay Blankenship

Search Discovery takes pride in its people, culture and the constant learning and training shared across teams.  Each employee brings a wealth of unmatched industry experience and enthusiasm to our culture.  We’ve created a culture that supports imagination and creativity; fostering a playground for industry-changing innovation.

It’s well known the digital industry is booming and there is no shortage of jobs, but there is a massive talent gap.  The Online Marketing Institute, recently conducted a Digital Talent Gap Study and found “an industry-wide shortage of skilled prospects. The lack of jobs is not the issue. Rather it’s the lack of proper training and skills sets that keeps folks from finding desired positions.”  AdWeek also provides a nice infographic on OMI’s findings.

Our approach is to hire extremely SMART individuals with a PASSION for our industry. We train to give new employees a solid foundation so they shine and grow as quickly as their eagerness (and hopefully a little bit of healthy competition) lets them. Agency new hire training programs

For new hires that are not industry veterans, Search Discovery’s media team has created an extensive 4-5 week new hire training program to not only train industry newcomers on the ins and outs of our trade, but also train on our philosophy around the subject matter. The end result is a Media Coordinator with multiple certifications across various media channels, analytics and management tools (like Marin Software), as well as the ability and confidence to jump into client work, thoughtful reporting & analysis, and a team-player mindset.

Interested in becoming Search Discovery-certified in media?  Send us your resume!

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