by Lindsay Blanken­ship

Search Discovery takes pride in its people, culture and the constant learn­ing and train­ing shared across teams.  Each employee brings a wealth of unmatched indus­try expe­ri­ence and enthu­si­asm to our culture.  We’ve created a culture that supports imag­i­na­tion and creativ­ity; foster­ing a play­ground for indus­try-chang­ing inno­va­tion.

It’s well known the digital indus­try is booming and there is no short­age of jobs, but there is a massive talent gap.  The Online Market­ing Insti­tute, recently conducted a Digital Talent Gap Study and found “an indus­try-wide short­age of skilled prospects. The lack of jobs is not the issue. Rather it’s the lack of proper train­ing and skills sets that keeps folks from finding desired posi­tions.”  AdWeek also provides a nice info­graphic on OMI’s find­ings.

Our approach is to hire extremely SMART indi­vid­u­als with a PASSION for our indus­try. We train to give new employ­ees a solid foun­da­tion so they shine and grow as quickly as their eager­ness (and hope­fully a little bit of healthy compe­ti­tion) lets them. Agency new hire training programs

For new hires that are not indus­try veter­ans, Search Discovery’s media team has created an exten­sive 4–5 week new hire train­ing program to not only train indus­try newcom­ers on the ins and outs of our trade, but also train on our philos­o­phy around the subject matter. The end result is a Media Coor­di­na­tor with multi­ple certi­fi­ca­tions across various media chan­nels, analyt­ics and manage­ment tools (like Marin Soft­ware), as well as the ability and confi­dence to jump into client work, thought­ful report­ing & analy­sis, and a team-player mindset.

Inter­ested in becom­ing Search Discovery-certi­fied in media?  Send us your resume!