Search Discovery to Present at Analytics Summit, with 5000+ Attendees

Director of Product Strategy Lee Isensee will be joining more than 25 top industry leaders at this impressive online digital marketing and analytics summit.

Participants in this virtual summit include industry leaders in the advancing web and mobile app analytics space.

Lee Isensee was selected to participate in the event by ObservePoint based on his influence in digital marketing and analytics leadership.

He will present at the virtual summit on November 17th. Attendees can register online for free to attend the virtual event.

“We are very excited to be joined by organizations and thought-leaders of such caliber,” said ObservePoint CEO, Rob Seolas, “These influencers advance the analytics marketplace of ideas by sharing actionable, research-based, relevant points-of-view and best practices.”

With two decades in digital marketing, product, and strategic consulting, Lee is a highly regarded expert that has helped shape the ever-evolving digital industry. By combining his broad scope of skills into a clear execution plan, he has made comprehensive digital strategies a reality for some of the world’s top brands.

At Analytics Summit, he will present his breakout session “Hey Siri, What Are App Analytics?”, where he will discuss how companies can harness non-web-centric analytics for maximum business impact.

“We’ve come a long way from the early days of mobile: m dot sites, and later, responsive design,” said Lee. “Apps are sophisticated, and demand non-web-centric analytics to truly measure their value.”

To register for the virtual Analytics Summit, visit ObservePoint’s website.

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