Data feed manage­ment for compar­i­son shop­ping engines… If this sounds like greek to you, don’t worry, we’re here to help. However, your competi­tors are prob­a­bly just start­ing to figure it out too. What does this mean for you?,,,,, – these are just a few of the shop­ping aggre­gate sites out there. Because these sites offer consumers the ability to compare and contrast differ­ent product and service providers without ventur­ing into each company’s website indi­vid­u­ally, many consumers are taking full advan­tage of these online shop­ping plat­forms. Don’t lose another customer because you haven’t consid­ered this channel.

We cate­go­rize your prod­ucts, submit the feeds to the aggre­gate engines, analyze the results and contin­u­ally opti­mize for increased conver­sion perfor­mance.