Simple Pleasures: Getting What I Wanted

That moment when you are using a tool and you realize that it not only does everything you wanted it to do, but it has extra features that you did not even know you needed.    Before I came to my senses and joined the team at Search Discovery | Satellite, I wrote a post “Sure your tag management system is cool, but I want more“.   As I was working with Satellite this past week I thought back on that post and realized that all the things on my wish list are not only met by Satellite, but exceeded.

My Wish List

  • I want more control over user accounts
  • I want more control on how I manage the code/tags/sites in the system
  • I want more control on how code is deployed and promoted to my digital assets
  • I want more control over templates, samples, pre-provided code
  • I want more control on hosting options for the code
  • I want to stop focusing on tags and focus on the data

This list was born out of frustration from working with other TMS vendors for thousands of hours, and working side by side with clients trying to solve their business needs using substandard tools.  Tag Management should not have to be that hard.  Thankfully, it is not that hard when you are using the right tool.

More control over user accounts:

Satellite provides a robust user management platform that is easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to manage.  We are able to accomplish this by providing a system that was designed with business users in mind by enabling you to manage access & permissions to your digital assets in an intuitive way.   Satellite allows you to assign users to the following roles:


And these roles are flexible enough to handle any use case that I have seen in working with Tag Management over the past few years.  And that flexibility is key as the rigid & cumbersome user management systems in other tools result in frustration and setting all users to administrators and then you have introduced a significant level of risk to your implementation.  Keep the process simple and easy to manage and it will function as designed.   You can read more about Satellite’s user management here.

More control on managing the code/tag/sites:

The original complaint I had was trying to manage one or more sites with hundreds and maybe thousands of rules and lack of or the complexity of trying to do that with the limited options of other systems.  Satellite handles this issue a couple of ways, the first we have the ability to add any metadata to rules that you need in order organize and manage the rules within your account. This custom metadata feature allows you to structure things in a way that makes sense to your business without trying to convert your information into a system that will not support your structure.

Screen Shot 2013-02-23 at 10.18.21 PM

Stop focusing on tags and focus on the data:

The other way that Satellite handles this issue is something that is not only quite elegant, but core to the foundation of the Satellite itself.   Satellite was designed around solving business needs first, and sending data to the various data collectors tags and scripts while still a critical step is not the primary design point.   Within Satellite, rules are created around the user interaction with your site.  You create rules that are based on business goals and objective on your site that are important to you and your bottom line.  Once you have identified those behaviors or segments then you can from one rule send that data relevant to that interaction to one or one hudred or more tags & scripts.   You can read more about this approach here.

More control on how code is deployed and promoted to my digital assets:

One of the problems that I ran into time and time again was how to manage deploying code to staging and production sites and then being able to edit and maintain those rules without impacting production sites or risk placing code on production that had not been validated & tested first.  The foundation to how Satellite handles this request begins with the actual library files.  We split the files into distinct staging & production libraries.  This provides 100% certainty that no code that is in staging and being developed will ever make it into production without being both approved and published.  This approach not only gives you the peace of mind that the critical step of QA & validation is being performed, but it allows your staff working on new rules to work without fear of accidentally having code sneak into production.  Find me at a conference sometime and I can share some horror stories of seeing this happen first hand.    Below is the complementary piece to solving this issue, Satellite’s workflow management process whichI have detailed the entire process in a previous post.   If you do not find and adhere to a solid workflow process then you should spend some time polishing your resume, because if you allow bad code to negatively impact your site you will be looking for something new to do.


More control over templates, samples, pre-provided code

I lied. Ok, maybe I was just wrong. I do not want any templates within a tag management tool.  Being told or convinced that using a template to deploy code on your site is a good idea is like walking into a clothing store and being sold a muumuu as the only clothes you will ever need.  Sure it will cover your parts, but who in their right mind would want to be seen in one of those.  One size fits all is is for baseball caps, snuggies, and other poor fashion choices.  It is not a digital measurement strategy.   You can read more about templates and their perceived benefits here.

More control on hosting options for the code

CDN. TDN. Quintuple redundant high availability paradigm shifting globalization empowerment big data synergistic platform.  These are totally awesome if you are playing buzzword bingo, but they have been rendered completely irrelevant.   We also have an acronym for Satellites hosting platform…wait for it… Y.O.U.R.S.    You have already invested in a hosting solution for your web site, so you can either sign up for another round of bingo, or you can leverage that investment and ensure that you have the highest level of availability of any solution in the market with hosting the code on your own web site.   You can read more about Satellite hosting options here.

More Cowbell

Ok, that was not part of the original list but who could not use more cowbell.

When I wrote that post last year I was hopeful that sometime over the next few years that my wish list would be fulfilled.  I had no idea that all of my requests were already being handled by Satellite TMS.   If you would like to talk more about any of the items on my list to see how they can help you with your digital measurement initiatives email me at

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