This Is Why Social Media Best Practices are Killing Your Campaigns

In the new millennium, incredibly complex topics can be simplified into Buzzfeed articles like The NSA In 60 Seconds: Everything You Need To Know About The Top-Secret Intelligence Agency, or Everything You Need To Know About The Conspiracy Theory that Taylor Swift Is The Clone Of A Former Satanic Leader (we’re not kidding).  

Things aren’t so different in the digital marketing world, especially when it comes to social media best practice guidelines. Just how the articles above simplify nuanced topics, best practice guidelines don’t always account for differences across industries and individual companies.

For example, let’s say you find a fantastic infographic that tells you 3pm on Thursdays is the best time to post to Facebook. The stat would be backed up by data analysis ran on 1.5 million Facebook accounts over a 6-month period—pretty comprehensive, right?

Perhaps on the surface. 1.5 million accounts is surely a large sample, but it tells us nothing of the demographic breakdown. If your company sells makeup and 67% of the sample was men, this infographic isn’t too relevant to your business. If your company works with business executives but the sample was predominantly 18-25 year olds, always posting at 3pm on Thursdays may not get you the best results.

Unfortunately, many best practice articles don’t tell you the demographic details of the studies they cite. Since it’s so difficult to determine the extent to which best practice guidelines apply to your business, you should always take them with a grain of salt. While these guidelines are certainly great starting points, you need to look at your own company’s data to make posts at a truly optimal time.

Using your company’s data to find the best time to post is as easy as downloading an app. “Best Time to Post” (a custom Domo app built by Search Discovery) pulls interaction data from your past Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook posts to determine — you guessed it — the best time to post to each channel:

All of this information is presented in an elegant dashboard, making it easy for you to not only organize your data, but actually implement it in your social media strategy. Don’t you love it when data turns into business impact?

It goes without saying that social media marketing is the furthest thing from hard science. But by listening to your organization’s data, you can make it more exact. At Search Discovery, we get excited about helping companies make data-driven decisions in every part of their organization. Whether you need to know when to Tweet or where to source qualified leads, we can help you leverage digital intelligence for maximum impact. Give us a holla!

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