To be success­ful in social media, you must first eval­u­ate the social land­scape of your brand and indus­try. You should listen before you start talking, and when you’re ready to engage, you should be authen­tic, trans­par­ent and add value. Failing to engage with current customers and prospects through social media is a missed oppor­tu­nity for many busi­nesses. Both the listen­ing and inter­act­ing aspects of social media are crucial. Doing one and not the other means you’re not maxi­miz­ing the possi­bil­i­ties. Our social media offer­ings inte­grate with your market­ing efforts through extend­ing the reach of your messages and adding SEO value.

Social media makes it easy to listen to your customers and connect with them in ways that aren’t intru­sive. Since these sites are opt-in (by becom­ing a fan or follower), the aim is to under­stand why your consumers are connect­ing with you on social sites and to deliver the content they want. This can be anything from customer service to infor­ma­tion about your newest product.

Launch­ing a social media campaign can be over­whelm­ing with the plethora of sites to choose from and the resources it takes to success­fully execute a social strat­egy. Search Discovery will select sites that best fit your objec­tives and to estab­lish an engag­ing pres­ence on those sites. We believe that the value of social media lies in the content you share, as well as in enrich­ing your online brand. We ensure that each page is opti­mized and provides visi­tors to your page a way to directly connect with your busi­ness and to find the infor­ma­tion they seek.