The most impor­tant aspect of social media is listen­ing. Today, moni­tor­ing and moder­at­ing the online conver­sa­tions about your brand is a neces­sity. This will not only give you a direct link to your customers, but it will allow you to protect the online repu­ta­tion of your busi­ness.

As a social moni­tor­ing client, Search Discovery will contin­u­ally monitor all online mentions of your brand to iden­tify key busi­ness insights for your company. As a result, we will deliver to you a summary of the online conver­sa­tions going on about your brand, your indus­try and your competi­tors. We’ll give it to you straight—including the negative—and then customize an online repu­ta­tion manage­ment strat­egy that fits your brand.

This offer­ing includes:

  • Contin­ual moni­tor­ing of social sites, blogs, forums and any other chan­nels where online conver­sa­tions are happen­ing
  • Issue iden­ti­fi­ca­tion
  • Suggested responses
  • High­light­ing posi­tive mentions
  • Damage control