Get excited — we’re nomi­nated for the 2016 TAG Awards! Hosted by the Tech­nol­ogy Asso­ci­a­tion of Georgia, the TAG Awards honor the top tech marketers in Atlanta. This year’s awards cere­mony will recog­nize the risk takers and inno­va­tors in Atlanta’s tech­nol­ogy market­ing commu­nity. Here’s what we’re up for:

Marketing Innovator of the Year (Agency or Company)

Search Discovery values inno­v­a­tive solu­tions, and our work with Apart­ment Finder illus­trates that. Our SEO Team laid a great foun­da­tion for our Media Team to imple­ment Dynamic Search Ads. The results: a signif­i­cant increase in targetable user base size and lead quan­tity, all while signif­i­cantly decreas­ing cost per click and cost per lead. Talk about team work!

Up and Coming Marketer of the Year

Two of our Media Managers, Olivia Hawkins and Tori Barlow, are nomi­nated for the Up and Coming Marketer of the Year award. Take a look at the work they’ve done, and it’s easy to see why.

Olivia tested a hunch that a client should forego their TV market­ing and focus on digital. During the testing phase alone, the conver­sion rate goal was exceeded, and web form comple­tion and phone call volume increased to record highs. The client has since expe­ri­enced year over year revenue growth and is making the full switch to digital. A little risk taking never hurt anybody, right?

Tori helped develop a digital media play­book for a large e‑commerce client. Her sugges­tions gener­ated $300,000 in revenue, and a 14,000% return on ad spend (that’s not a typo!). Thanks to her initia­tive, the play­book has become the driving force of a new solu­tion offer­ing.

We are grate­ful to have our work recog­nized by TAG and the Atlanta market­ing commu­nity. If you’ll be attend­ing the awards cere­mony on Novem­ber 2nd, be sure to say hello!