First, let’s get the oblig­a­tory defi­n­i­tion out of the way:

What is tag management?

Tag manage­ment is the ability to manage user-gener­ated tags within collab­o­ra­tive soft­ware. Tag manage­ment soft­ware lets you control your analyt­ics tools, tests, market­ing tags, and other tag-based tech­nolo­gies on your site with ease.

So why should you care what a tag manage­ment system is?

Here’s where I, ordi­nary digital media gal, offer my story. Unfor­tu­nately, it’s not unique.

I’ve been manag­ing digital media campaigns for nearly a decade. I’ve learned to do so many things in that time, but I’ve yet to find a way to get an IT team to care about my campaign and analyt­ics pixels and snip­pets as much as I do.

Don’t they know I need that pixel on their site to track conver­sions and revenue?

I absolutely must have that analyt­ics code on their site before campaign launch so I can track unique visi­tors and bounce rates from the start!

I can’t do any advanced retar­get­ing tests unless I have a tag on pages deeper than the home­page! Why don’t they know this? Why don’t they care?

This is where I tell you a tag manage­ment system saved my life.

Alright, maybe not that extreme, but it’s defi­nitely saved me a few headaches and count­less hours at the very least.

With a tag manage­ment system, I no longer need to beg IT for their time.

Tag manage­ment systems act like script butlers on a site. When visi­tors go to certain pages or do certain things on a site, the tag manage­ment system trig­gers various track­ing pixels/snippets, sending word to an analyt­ics tool, paid search, affil­i­ate, display, email or other type of campaign that some­thing good happened.

Hey, Mr. Devel­oper! Did you hear that? You don’t need to manage hundreds of little pieces of JavaScript through­out your site anymore! Tag manage­ment systems have your back!  These systems central­ize scripts and remove track­ing from the HTML itself, making it easier to modify, add, or remove track­ing at anytime while simul­ta­ne­ously speed­ing up your site. That means I, ordi­nary digital media gal, can do it all myself. Where have you been all my life tag manage­ment systems?