Tag Management. Explained.

by Carolina Beltrán, Ordinary Digital Media Gal

First, let’s get the obligatory definition out of the way:

What is tag management?

Tag management is the ability to manage user-generated tags within collaborative software. Tag management software lets you control your analytics tools, tests, marketing tags, and other tag-based technologies on your site with ease.

So why should you care what a tag management system is?

Here’s where I, ordinary digital media gal, offer my story. Unfortunately, it’s not unique.

I’ve been managing digital media campaigns for nearly a decade. I’ve learned to do so many things in that time, but I’ve yet to find a way to get an IT team to care about my campaign and analytics pixels and snippets as much as I do.

*“Don’t they know I need that pixel on their site to track conversions and revenue?” *

*“I absolutely must have that analytics code on their site before campaign launch so I can track unique visitors and bounce rates from the start!” *

“I can’t do any advanced retargeting tests unless I have a tag on pages deeper than the homepage! Why don’t they know this? Why don’t they care?”

This is where I tell you a tag management system saved my life.

Alright, maybe not that extreme, but it’s definitely saved me a few headaches and countless hours at the very least.

With a tag management system, I no longer need to beg IT for their time.

Tag management systems act like script butlers on a site. When visitors go to certain pages or do certain things on a site, the tag management system triggers various tracking pixels/snippets, sending word to an analytics tool, paid search, affiliate, display, email or other type of campaign that something good happened.

Hey, Mr. Developer! Did you hear that? You don’t need to manage hundreds of little pieces of JavaScript throughout your site anymore! Tag management systems have your back!  These systems centralize scripts and remove tracking from the HTML itself, making it easier to modify, add, or remove tracking at anytime while simultaneously speeding up your site. That means I, ordinary digital media gal, can do it all myself. Where have you been all my life tag management systems?

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