A tech­ni­cal site assess­ment is designed to iden­tify and remove the archi­tec­tural and tech­ni­cal obsta­cles to search engines, and are a vital prereq­ui­site to achiev­ing SEO goals. Having a proper website is about more than just online curb appeal. We often see clients with great website content, but no acces­si­ble path for the search engines or users to engage with it. We special­ize in finding and address­ing these complex issues, and provid­ing optimal solu­tions to deal with them. In fact, we have been able to engage in some simple website restruc­tur­ing at the begin­ning of the rela­tion­ship with one of our clients, result­ing in an imme­di­ate double-digit increase in conver­sion rate.

Search Engine Opti­miza­tion also depends on making sure that our clients are sending out the quality signals regard­ing trust and author­ity that are so impor­tant.  SEO is about getting the details right, and this often means the differ­ence between ranking #1 or #101 in the search results. As each online market niche gets more compet­i­tive, fixing these tech­ni­cal site issues becomes neces­sary to success­ful SEO.