I get it — data gov­er­nance is about as inter­est­ing as watch­ing paint dry. But like good project man­age­ment, good data gov­er­nance is cru­cial to your business’s suc­cess. Qual­i­ty data gov­er­nance will make sure your ana­lyt­ics invest­ment doesn’t whith­er after imple­men­ta­tion, and that you are pre­pared to under­stand the cus­tomer expe­ri­ence as your dig­i­tal prop­er­ties change. After all, data you can’t trust is data you can’t use to make decisions!

In episode 12 of The Dig­i­tal Ana­lyt­ics Pow­er Hour, Tim Wil­son and I talk data gov­er­nance with John Lovett of Ana­lyt­ics Demys­ti­fied to break down why you should care about gov­er­nance after your imple­men­ta­tion is com­plet­ed. 45 min­utes of a pod­cast to save you from a life­time of bad data man­age­ment? Sounds like a deal to me! Give it a lis­ten below.