Tim Wilson Takes It To 100!

By Michael Helbling, Director of Analytics | Jan 11, 2018

We are excited to let the world know that Tim Wilson has joined Search Discovery. Awesomely, he is also Search Discovery’s 100th employee, thus his appointment creates a special marker for our company.

Tim Wilson is an accom­plished and well known digital analyt­ics veteran.  In his 15+ year career in data and analyt­ics, he has helped many compa­nies define their approach to analyt­ics and analy­sis. Further­more, he’s helped these compa­nies figure out what to do once they find useful infor­ma­tion in their data. He is a compelling speaker, prolific writer, and in the past 2 years has he has bridged the divide between “data science” the buzz­word and data science the busi­ness trans­form­ing activ­ity. He also has co-hosted the Digital Analyt­ics Power Hour podcast with me for the last three years.

Just this week, Intel CEO, Brian Krzanich deliv­ered his keynote at CES and predicted the follow­ing: by 2020 every person will produce 1.5GB of data each day; every autonomous vehicle will produce 4TB of data per day, and a small connected factory will gener­ate 1 petabyte of data each day.   Those of us in market­ing, sales, or oper­a­tions func­tions know the strug­gles asso­ci­ated with large data sets already, albeit on a smaller scale. We have seem­ingly endless amounts of data. Putting that data in the right place, the proper format, with the correct under­stand­ing, and finally using that data to make better deci­sions is still a wide-open fron­tier.

Our mission at Search Discovery is to help orga­ni­za­tions use data to make better deci­sions. We do this by using tech­nol­ogy. We work with both exist­ing tools and we build tools to meet the demands of the market. We do this by lever­ag­ing proven analy­sis method­olo­gies and prac­ti­cal data science methods to inte­grate, explore, segment, and deliver insight. Through our devel­op­ment of new solu­tions and thought lead­er­ship we help our clients get real value from their analyt­ics invest­ments, and gain a deeper under­stand­ing of their customers’ journey.

Hitting 100 employ­ees is a cool data point. Tim Wilson being that 100th employee repre­sents an impor­tant mile­stone in the growth and trans­for­ma­tion of Search Discovery’s busi­ness to help our clients capi­tal­ize on the oppor­tu­ni­ties in front of them. To see if Search Discovery can help your orga­ni­za­tion use data in a more mean­ing­ful way contact us here.