Tim Wilson Takes It To 100!

By Michael Helbling, Director of Analytics | Jan 11, 2018

We are excited to let the world know that Tim Wilson has joined Search Discovery. Awesomely, he is also Search Discovery’s 100th employee, thus his appointment creates a special marker for our company.


Tim Wilson is an accomplished and well known digital analytics veteran.  In his 15+ year career in data and analytics, he has helped many companies define their approach to analytics and analysis. Furthermore, he’s helped these companies figure out what to do once they find useful information in their data. He is a compelling speaker, prolific writer, and in the past 2 years has he has bridged the divide between “data science” the buzzword and data science the business transforming activity. He also has co-hosted the Digital Analytics Power Hour podcast with me for the last three years.

Just this week, Intel CEO, Brian Krzanich delivered his keynote at CES and predicted the following: by 2020 every person will produce 1.5GB of data each day; every autonomous vehicle will produce 4TB of data per day, and a small connected factory will generate 1 petabyte of data each day.   Those of us in marketing, sales, or operations functions know the struggles associated with large data sets already, albeit on a smaller scale. We have seemingly endless amounts of data. Putting that data in the right place, the proper format, with the correct understanding, and finally using that data to make better decisions is still a wide-open frontier.

Our mission at Search Discovery is to help organizations use data to make better decisions. We do this by using technology. We work with both existing tools and we build tools to meet the demands of the market. We do this by leveraging proven analysis methodologies and practical data science methods to integrate, explore, segment, and deliver insight. Through our development of new solutions and thought leadership we help our clients get real value from their analytics investments, and gain a deeper understanding of their customers’ journey.

Hitting 100 employees is a cool data point. Tim Wilson being that 100th employee represents an important milestone in the growth and transformation of Search Discovery’s business to help our clients capitalize on the opportunities in front of them. To see if Search Discovery can help your organization use data in a more meaningful way contact us here.

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