By Car­oli­na Beltrán

On Thurs­day, I attend­ed the Learn with Google event at the W Mid­town Atlanta. It was a full day of learn­ing about Google’s lat­est ad inno­va­tions and their per­spec­tives on social, media and cre­ative. I even got to par­tic­i­pate in a few inter­ac­tive prod­uct demon­stra­tions. Read on for an overview of some of the lat­est and most effec­tive Google tools to help you devel­op your mar­ket­ing strat­e­gy and achieve your mar­ket­ing objec­tives in a way that makes sense for your business.

Google Insights for Search

Most of you know Google Insights for Search (GIS) as Google Trends. Google Insights for Search is Google Trends plus a whole lot more. With GIS, you can com­pare search vol­ume pat­terns across spe­cif­ic regions, cat­e­gories, time frames and prop­er­ties. You can nar­row data to spe­cif­ic cat­e­gories and see sea­son­al­i­ty trends, geo­graph­ic dis­tri­b­u­tion and ris­ing queries. Insights for Search can help deter­mine which mes­sages might res­onate best with an audi­ence by see­ing which search terms have gained and lost pop­u­lar­i­ty over time.

AdWords Offer Extensions

**Offer exten­sions are a way for adver­tis­ers to give cus­tomers redeemable offers such as coupons, dis­counts, and rebates with­in an AdWords ad.

Offer exten­sions allow adver­tis­ers to dis­trib­ute offers online in a high­ly tar­get­ed way. It not only engages cus­tomers, it also allows adver­tis­ers to mea­sure offer per­for­mance by track­ing met­rics like impres­sions, clicks, num­ber of offers print­ed, saved and/or emailed, as well as online con­ver­sion. This exten­sion offers online or in-store redemption.

Google Dis­play Net­work Reserve

For those that want to achieve sig­nif­i­cant aware­ness of their brand in a set time peri­od, Google Dis­play Net­work Reserve is for you.

Start by tar­get­ing rel­e­vant con­tent chan­nels or cre­at­ing cus­tom groups, lay­er in advanced tar­get­ing like geo­graph­ic, demo­graph­ic, and above-the-fold, then set cam­paign impres­sions and tim­ing goals. Google han­dles the rest. Because it offers guar­an­teed impres­sions at scale and only places ads on brand-safe web­sites, adver­tis­ers often use Dis­play Net­work Reserve when they’re launch­ing new prod­ucts, pro­mot­ing a lim­it­ed time offer, or run­ning a hol­i­day or event-spe­cif­ic promotion.

Google TV Ads – Web Attribution

**Web Attri­bu­tion, Google TV Ads’ newest fea­ture, allows adver­tis­ers to mea­sure the impact of their TV ads on dri­ving traf­fic to their web­site. Web Attri­bu­tion links his­tor­i­cal web­site vis­i­ta­tion trends from Google Ana­lyt­ics with TV cam­paign data in AdWords. By estab­lish­ing a base­line of typ­i­cal web traf­fic pat­terns, Ana­lyt­ics looks for devi­a­tions. Match­ing these devi­a­tions with the exact times and places Google TV ads air, Ana­lyt­ics is able to attribute vis­its that result­ed from expo­sure from these ads. Dai­ly report­ing of Attrib­uted Vis­its and Cost per Attrib­uted Vis­it is avail­able on a per-air­ing basis, so we can see which net­works, pro­grams and ad cre­ative deliv­ers the best results for a campaign.

*Google Trust­ed Store *

The Google Trust­ed Store pro­gram helps shop­pers feel con­fi­dent in their pur­chas­es across the web. Mer­chants who meet cer­tain ship­ping and cus­tomer ser­vice per­for­mance met­rics can par­tic­i­pate in this free pro­gram. Par­tic­i­pat­ing mer­chants dis­play the Google Trust­ed Store badge (below) on their site.

Shop­pers can hov­er over the Trust­ed Store badge and see met­rics on the store’s ship­ping and cus­tomer ser­vice per­for­mance. To apply, con­tact us.

YouTube Ana­lyt­ics

YouTube Ana­lyt­ics is a report­ing and analy­sis tool that enables any­one with a YouTube account to view detailed sta­tis­tics about their uploaded videos. Read my post on how YouTube Ana­lyt­ics can make you more money.

Real-Time Ana­lyt­ics

Google Ana­lyt­ics Real-Time is a set of new reports that shows you what’s hap­pen­ing on your site as it hap­pens – see the imme­di­ate impact of social media on your site traf­fic, ver­i­fy cam­paign track­ing is cor­rect­ly imple­ment­ed, and so much more! Real-Time reports are only in the new ver­sion of Google Ana­lyt­ics, so make sure you’ve upgraded.

Google+ For Business

Google+ Pages help you con­nect with the cus­tomers who love you. Not only can they rec­om­mend you with a +1 or add you to a Cir­cle to lis­ten long term, they can also spend time with your team, face-to-face via Hang­outs. All you need to do is start shar­ing and you’ll soon find super fans and loy­al cus­tomers that want to say hel­lo.  Keep an eye out for my next post on get­ting start­ed on Google+.

**With over 191.4 mil­lion search users (eMar­keter, July 2011), hav­ing a robust online pres­ence is key to mak­ing your busi­ness as suc­cess­ful as it can be. The stakes get high­er every day as the pace of con­sumer adop­tion of online media con­tin­ues to accelerate.

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