Last week, we posted an article about how to use dynamic url parameters in AdWords.  Here’s a guide and links to information about using dynamic variables in destination urls for ads on all three major engines: Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter and Yahoo Marketing Solutions.

Tracking URLs and dynamic parameters help append additional tracking information to paid search campaigns for tracking in analytics tools such as Google Analytics.  This post contains the basic fields available to be inserted and their corresponding parameters.  Be sure to visit the additional resources pages to make sure you setup everything correctly in our account so tracking is enabled and functioning.

Google AdWords

  • *{ifsearch:x}{ifcontent:y} – Differentiate between search and content traffic*
  • {placement} – Determine which sites referred a visitor
  • {creative} – Track which ad referred a visitor
  • {keyword} – See the keyword that referred a visitor
  • {target} – View category or placement you’ve targeted
  • {ifmobile:x} – Indicate a click coming from a mobile device

View Search Discover’s comprehensive guide to AdWords URL parameters.

Microsoft adCenter

  • {QueryString} – Returns the text the customer typed that triggered the display of your ad
  • *{MatchType} – * Returns the type of match (exact, phrase, or broad) that triggered the display of your ad
  • {OrderItemId} – Returns the ID of keyword that triggered the display of your ad
  • *{AdId} – * Returns the ID number of the clicked ad

Check out Bing’s complete guide to query string parameters.

Yahoo Marketing Solutions

  • {OVKEY} – Bidded keyword or phrase canon query
  • {OVRAW} – Raw user query
  • {OVMTC:std:adv:cnt} – Match type that led to the click – the match type is returned as either standard, advanced, or content
  • {OVADID} – Ad ID*
  • {OVKWID} – Keyword ID*
  • {OVNDID} – Network Distribution ID – the variable will either be ND1 (Yahoo! Search) or ND2 (Yahoo! Partners).
  • {OVCAMPGID} – Campaign ID*
  • {OVADGRPID} – Ad group ID*

Take a look at Yahoo’s extensive guide to tracking URLs.

Tracking parameters can make life just a little bit easier while setting up a campaign and [integrating your campaigns with analytics]( “Web Analytics”).

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