Last week, we posted an article about how to use dynamic url para­me­ters in AdWords.  Here’s a guide and links to infor­ma­tion about using dynamic vari­ables in desti­na­tion urls for ads on all three major engines: Google AdWords, Microsoft adCen­ter and Yahoo Market­ing Solu­tions.

Track­ing URLs and dynamic para­me­ters help append addi­tional track­ing infor­ma­tion to paid search campaigns for track­ing in analyt­ics tools such as Google Analyt­ics.  This post contains the basic fields avail­able to be inserted and their corre­spond­ing para­me­ters.  Be sure to visit the addi­tional resources pages to make sure you setup every­thing correctly in our account so track­ing is enabled and func­tion­ing.

Google AdWords

  • *{ifsearch:x}{ifcontent:y} — Differ­en­ti­ate between search and content traffic*
  • {place­ment} — Deter­mine which sites referred a visitor
  • {creative} — Track which ad referred a visitor
  • {keyword} — See the keyword that referred a visitor
  • {target} — View cate­gory or place­ment you’ve targeted
  • {ifmobile:x} — Indi­cate a click coming from a mobile device

View Search Discover’s compre­hen­sive guide to AdWords URL para­me­ters.

Microsoft adCen­ter

  • {QueryS­tring} - Returns the text the customer typed that trig­gered the display of your ad
  • *{MatchType} – * Returns the type of match (exact, phrase, or broad) that trig­gered the display of your ad
  • {OrderItemId} - Returns the ID of keyword that trig­gered the display of your ad
  • *{AdId} – * Returns the ID number of the clicked ad

Check out Bing’s complete guide to query string para­me­ters.

Yahoo Market­ing Solu­tions

  • {OVKEY} - Bidded keyword or phrase canon query
  • {OVRAW} – Raw user query
  • {OVMTC:std:adv:cnt} - Match type that led to the click – the match type is returned as either stan­dard, advanced, or content
  • {OVADID} – Ad ID*
  • {OVKWID} – Keyword ID*
  • {OVNDID} – Network Distri­b­u­tion ID – the vari­able will either be ND1 (Yahoo! Search) or ND2 (Yahoo! Part­ners).
  • {OVCAMPGID} – Campaign ID*
  • {OVADGRPID} – Ad group ID*

Take a look at Yahoo’s exten­sive guide to track­ing URLs.

Track­ing para­me­ters can make life just a little bit easier while setting up a campaign and [inte­grat­ing your campaigns with analytics]( “Web Analyt­ics”).