Twitter Amplify: Twitter & TV Working Together

by Angela Jones, Digital Media Manager

We often think of viewing content on television and digital media as an either-or experience. Sure, we’re accustomed to seeing Twitter hashtags appear on our TV screen now and again and many Twitter users love to tweet about their favorite shows.Other than that, though, there has been little interaction between the two from a content viewing standpoint and certainly from an advertising standpoint.

This week, in the U.S. only, Twitter launched an advertising product called Twitter Amplify that may change all of that. In an ever-growing list of attempts to make the Twitter platform more advertiser and revenue friendly (think advertising API launch, analytics dashboard, and AdWords-style keyword targeting), Twitter Amplify appeals to TV advertisers with big budgets by expanding the advertiser’s message beyond the TV audience to reach Twitter followers.

With Twitter Amplify, or “Twitter Amp” for short, big brand advertisers and media broadcasters are forming what is being called “multi-screen” partnerships where a viewer watches content on a participating broadcasting network (such as Disney’s ESPN) and then sees an in-stream video clip accompanied by a short ad from the advertising partner within their Twitter feed. Here is an example of a promoted tweet which streamed clips from an NBA game accompanied by a commercial for the upcoming movie release of After Earth:

By providing these short video “teasers” Twitter is able to advertise with very little intrusion to the viewer. Not only is the content so relevant that the viewer will watch, but it also offers the strong possibility that people will share the clips with their followers. In turn, this may persuade those followers to tune in to the TV broadcast, increasing viewership for the broadcaster.

So far the audience for these promoted tweets is limited by the number of media brands and qualified advertising partners, the video content available, and targeting technology. However, the list of brands and partners is expanding (most notably with the recent wave of new partners that can be viewed here). The content provided is also expected to expand from sports replays and highlights to other categories like weather. Lastly, targeting technology, which currently uses video fingerprinting targeting technology to detect when and where ads are running (think hashtags and handles), is also expected to improve so that Twitter Amplify is available to advertisers big and small.

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