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Google Universal Analytics

What is Universal Analytics?

Universal Analytics is a set of technological innovations that improves the way data is collected and processed in Google Analytics. Introduced at the GA Summit in September of 2012, Google has recently announced that the time to switch is here.

### Benefits of UA

Universal Analytics gives you access to improved data processing, new collection methods and more analysis tools. Most importantly, UA’s new data collection method allows Google Analytics to track ANY digital device. So if you can hook it up to the web GA can track it. That means point of sale systems, gaming consoles, set top boxes, ski lift scanners…. anything web enabled can now be tracked inside GA.

New Custom Dimensions & Custom Metrics

Custom dimensions and custom metrics are like default dimensions and metrics in your Analytics account, except you create and define them yourself. They’re powerful tools you can use to collect and segment data that Google Analytics doesn’t automatically track, like product details, levels in games, or authors of content pages.

### More configuration options

Universal Analytics gives you more configuration options in your Google Analytics account, so you don’t have to adjust your tracking code to make modifications. From the Admin page in your account, you can now control these settings:

  • Organic search sources
  • Session and campaign timeout handling
  • Referral exclusions
  • Search term exclusions

Retag with Airlock

Ready to switch to UA? Use Airlock.js to translate your old tracking snippets. Airlock is a JavaScript library that automatically turns Google Analytics calls into Universal Analytics calls, postponing the need to re-implement in order to upgrade to Universal Analytics. You can also use the Airlock snippet translator to manually retag your site.

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