Your website content can be your most valu­able resource, but if users can’t find that content, it’s rendered useless. Imple­ment­ing good usabil­ity prac­tices is para­mount in gener­at­ing new customers and future brand advo­cates.

Common usabil­ity prob­lems include:

  • Users can not find the infor­ma­tion they are looking for
  • Sites are provid­ing the wrong type of content
  • Work­flow provides no clear next steps for users

Perfecting the Online User Interface

The solu­tion to these prob­lems is web usabil­ity, the prac­tice of perfect­ing online user inter­faces. To maxi­mize site poten­tial, end users should be able to intu­itively under­stand how to use a website without requir­ing much addi­tional instruc­tion. Usabil­ity there­fore also deals with provid­ing content that is clear, rele­vant, and engag­ing for the site’s audi­ence. At Search Discovery we study user behav­ior as well as web design conven­tions, in order to facil­i­tate the creation of excel­lent user inter­faces that commu­ni­cate your company’s infor­ma­tional goals.

In our audit process, we ask:

  • How do users inter­act with your site?
  • How can user work­flow be simpli­fied?
  • Is your site retain­ing users?
  • Where are users leaving your site?
  • Are people coming back to the site repeat­edly?
  • Would users recom­mend your site to their friends?

Improv­ing web usabil­ity leads to more qual­i­fied users, who are more loyal to your brand, and are more willing share your site with their peers. In most cases it is diffi­cult to see the flaws in your site design without an impar­tial third party. We can be that unbi­ased point of view, along with the creativ­ity and web usabil­ity knowl­edge to tackle your most frus­trat­ing design road­blocks.

User Testing

We conduct thor­ough qual­i­ta­tive and quan­ti­ta­tive user testing to under­stand user expe­ri­ence. Utiliz­ing indus­try-leading tools, we analyze your user base to find out what users think of your site, why they leave your site, and where there are points of frus­tra­tion. If you’ve never conducted user testing before, you’ll be surprised how users can inter­act with your site in ways you never intended.

Don’t waste any more resources devel­op­ing content that your customers wont utilize. We can help you develop a content strat­egy that combines usabil­ity best prac­tices and your company’s goals. Further, we will help to prior­i­tize site improve­ments so your team can quickly reap the rewards.

The usabil­ity services we provide include: