What is the Google Marketing Platform? Learn what it does, the tools it includes, and how it can benefit your business.

Google Marketing Platform provides tools for every stage of your marketing program, whether you’re a small business using one product or a Fortune 500 using the entire GMP suite.

What is Google Marketing Platform?

Google Marketing Platform is a collection of tools covering a range of services from tagging and delivery all the way to measurement. The ability for these tools to integrate with one another gives teams the flexibility to respond to an evolving digital landscape.

GMP tools include the following: CM 360, SA 360, DV360, Analytics, Optimize, Surveys, Tag Manager & Data Studio.

GMP Tools

Let’s look at each of the eight products the Google Marketing Platform is composed of.

1. CM360

Campaign Manager 360 is a centralized source for your media serving for video and display. It has powerful native integrations with other GMP products, but its flexibility also lets your team use third-party integrations as needed. This grants your team media transparency and a streamlined workflow, so you can spend more time on measurement and optimization, not trafficking ads. Read recent news about CM360 here.

2. SA360

Search Ads 360 provides real-time data on all your search campaigns and is a single interface where you can manage Google, Bing (Microsoft Ads), and Yahoo Search ads. SA360 also unlocks up-to-the-minute data to inform bidding better, as well as advanced bidding optimization compared to native search engines. Read some SA360 tips here.

3. DV360

Display & Video 360 is another tool that serves as a central hub for various team members and tasks. Whether you’re using it for forecasting or optimizing creatives, placements, and audiences for display and video campaigns, DV360 is a fantastic tool to turn insights into optimizations quickly. Read about recent DV360 updates in this post.

4. Analytics

Both standard Google Analytics and Analytics 360 give you advanced reporting capabilities and metrics at your fingertips. The difference between the two is that GA 360, which is not free and requires a contract, gives you a deeper analysis, works better with large data sets, and gives you more of an option for exporting, dimensions, and metrics.

Note: Universal Analytics is sunsetting, and the time to transition to Google Analytics 4 and the 360 version of GA4 is now. Search Discovery provides a free assessment and roadmap, a proprietary analytics management system SaaS solution, and a complete guide to make your migration to GA4 frictionless.

Search Discovery can help you transition smoothly to Google Analytics 4. Get the Complete Guide to GA4 to support your migration.

5. Optimize 360

Optimize 360 allows you to test multiple versions of your website through experiments and customize the user experience in one platform.

6. Surveys 360

Google Surveys allows you to deliver customized surveys to find valuable consumer insights that help better inform your marketing strategies.

7. Tag Manager 360

Google Tag Manager is an incredible feature that automatically edits your website code for you on the platform. Not only does it save you time, but it also integrates with other third-party tags outside of Google.

8. Data Studio

Google Data Studio allows you to pull all of your data in one place and is customizable to your liking, but believe it or not, that isn’t the best part. Data Studio also updates regularly, refreshing your data into the reporting dashboards you create.

How advertisers can Benefit from using the GMP Stack

The Google Marketing Platform has something for everyone. Regardless of your size, small and large businesses can both benefit heavily from using any or all of the tools within the GMP stack. Both free and paid tools give you a better understanding of your users and their experience.

“With deep expertise in ad serving, yield management, and inventory solutions, our Google Marketing Platform products help customers execute their digital media strategy more easily and effectively.” Source.

Get Certified Today!

Take a deeper dive and get certified with the Google Marketing Platform Certification Exams. Getting certified isn’t only a resume booster, but helps you discover more about GMP that you may not have known. Take the six available exam certifications and see how much you can learn.

How can Search Discovery help

If you are interested in learning more about any or all of the Google Marketing Platform products, Search Discovery is a Google Premier Partner, a distinction held by only the top 3% of Google agency partners, and we can help.

Google has selected Search Discovery to ensure that companies who use their products will receive the best support, training, and value-added services available to maximize their investment and drive business outcomes. What’s more, Google selected Search Discovery to join the sales partner program across analytics, marketing, AND cloud products—a rare feat! When you buy Google licensing through Search Discovery, you get advantages you won’t receive elsewhere.

As a data transformation company, we can assess your advertising’s effectiveness in using data to reach your target audience while maximizing your budget. Whether it’s applying customer LTV calculations to bidding strategies or GA4 upgrades, implementations, and integrations, our team of experts are here to help you succeed.

Search Discovery is a trusted Google partner licensed to sell and provide services for software across the Google Marketing Platform and the Google Cloud Platform. Badges include Premier partner badge, Google Marketing Platform Certified, Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner, and Google Cloud Partner.

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