What’s giving “tag management” a bad name?

“Tag management” just plain is a bad name. The phrase “tag management,” created in the days of simple container tag approaches, is a bottom-up concept. It’s a concept that mimics the old JIRA ticket process of “tagging” a site, one piece at a time, and you know what? That process and approach sucked.

In JIRA tickets, the approach is “bottom-up,” meaning the tag is the centerpiece. Unfortunately, that’s not the point. This approach immediately separates the business stakeholder from their toolset, breaking an analytics tool, as an example, in to infinitesimal pieces and putting those tiny pieces in the hands of an IT person with no skin in the game. It’s no wonder every implementation project since the dawn of time has been slow, error prone, and frustrating.

The right way of thinking about this is to stop talking about “tags” and start talking about users and tools. Users, and their behavior, are what we care about, and we have tools like analytics, testing, personalization, chat, surveys, marketing optimization and measurement, etc. that would like to know about or react to our users in some way. That is what “tagging” really is trying to accomplish, and unfortunately, the business value discussion is almost never how we talk about it. SDRs are bottom-up, project management, stories and tasks are bottom-up, statuses are bottom-up, audits are bottom-up, and the list goes on and on. And we think that is poppycock.

What this means in real world terms is the way a tool is designed to address the issue. Satellite is a purely “top-down” tool, where all of the business logic centers around what users are doing, where they are, who they are, what they’ve done in the past, etc. Satellite uniquely offers tools to understand page-level behavior and navigation, in-page interaction, realtime segmentation based on technology, behavior, data, or otherwise, and much more. Rules look like “User watched 75% of video” or “User with large cart ($250+) viewed return policy”, not “RULE09544 : OMTR_SC -> eVar34, event12″.

Which of those looks like something your CMO can understand?

Years ago, when we created Satellite, we took a giant step backwards to consider and pinpoint exactly which problem we were solving. And today, the biggest, most trafficked, and most sophisticated web sites in the world (and the digital marketers, optimizers, and analysts within them) have chosen Satellite over all of the other self-proclaimed* leaders in the space for one reason: we answered the right question; we addressed the right problem. And in a head-to-head POC, Satellite can do real-world use cases in seconds over and over and over and over again.*

  • Unfortunately for the consumer, there is not yet any research or industry rankings in the space done by an independent researcher who has actually used the major players in TMS in real life. A leader, by definition, is the best; the one who sets the pace and tone for the rest in an area relevant to you. McDonalds may be the leader in food, but if you are a triathlete, is that what you eat? No. You want to fuel your business with the best, which is not necessarily the biggest or the loudest. So today, it’s up to you to do your research and decide who’s the leader for your needs until excellent and grounded research emerges.

With Satellite, what you’re managing is your tools, your users, and their behaviors. Browse around this blog for dozens of real-world examples of how Satellite tackles basic, advanced, and mind-boggling use cases with total ease. We write here to illuminate the driving forces behind our design and product decisions. If you want to know how we think, what we think about, and how that is driving real, rather than theoretical or academic results, this is the place to stay tuned to.

Our mission is not to make it easier to “tag” a web site. Our mission is for you to gather data and insight with ease. For you to test experiences and optimize your site with ease. For you to engage users with assets like chat in new, more efficient and effective ways. I don’t really care about tags, and in all likelihood, neither do you, if there’s a better alternative. I care about your business, its sophistication, and how easily you can take things to the next level; not doing the basic things of the past faster. It’s time for the future.

We’re looking forward to hearing about the next level you want to take your tools and user engagement to and demonstrate how Satellite can get you there faster than you ever dreamed possible. Talk to you soon!

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