With any acquisition there are always questions. Since only the Satellite technology was acquired, not Search Discovery, we certainly don’t have all the answers.  Here are some things we do know and some information about where we think Adobe might be heading with Satellite:

Q: What happens to current Satellite customers?

A: All Satellite contracts have been assigned to Adobe.

Q: Will there be any changes in price?

A: Only Adobe knows the future pricing strategy for Satellite, but they have been clear that all existing pricing will be honored and assured the community that prices will not go up.

Q: What does this mean for Satellite and Google Analytics?

A: Adobe is committed to continuing the tool-agnostic approach in which Satellite was created. As such, Google Analytics will still be fully supported inside the technology. That said, if you have specific questions about how to customize and get the most out of a Google Analytics implementation, those questions should be directed to partners like Search Discovery that have experience working with tools outside the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Q: If I want to continue to get support from Search Discovery, is that an option?

A: Yes.  Search Discovery was not acquired, just the Satellite technology. Search Discovery’s analytics and TMS implementation services are stronger than ever and preparing for the wave of new installations coming soon to Satellite. Read more about what’s next for Search Discovery.

Q: Does Satellite work with any analytics tool?

A: Yes. And before you ask, “But what about …” The answer is YES! Unlike other TMS systems, Satellite was designed from day one to work with ANY technology. No templates, no limitations, just simply everything. How else can we say this… If it is written in JavaScript or HTML, Satellite can install it. Learn more about Supported Tags here. But trust us…. Yes, it can install your tag.

Q: Can I get a Demo?

A: Absolutely. There is a “Work with Us” form on nearly every page of our site.

Q: Is Search Discovery still a Google Analytics Premium Reseller?

A: Yes.  We are still a Google Analytics Premium reseller and we think GA Premium + Satellite is a fantastic combination just like SiteCatalyst + Satellite.

Q: Is Search Discovery tool-agnostic?

A: If you mean, “are we able to install any tool?” Yes, without question. We have experience with thousands of technologies and have no limitations of what we are allowed or capable of working with. If you mean, “are we willing to work with any tool?” No.  We don’t get on a racetrack with a Toyota Yaris and we don’t play with toy technologies online. We have strong opinions about available technologies. Companies hire Search Discovery to analyze their business, project their future needs and leverage our experiences to provide world-class solutions and guidance.

Q: Does Search Discovery provide training on Satellite?

A: Yes. We’ll be talking more about our monthly training seminars in the days to come.

Q: Will Satellite lose any capabilities now that Adobe owns it?

A: Skeptics will be skeptics, but we believe Adobe’s intentions are to make Satellite the most versatile and widely used TMS in the world.  In today’s digital landscape, a TMS simply has no value if it doesn’t work with all technologies.

Q: What happened to the Satellite team?

A: Sadly, some of the amazing Satellite team here at Search Discovery has transitioned over to Adobe. For the most part it was the development team that moved out to Utah.  However, Search Discovery’s analytics and TMS services team is as strong as ever and we continue to invest in finding the most talented analytics consultants in the country.

Q: Can I come to work for Search Discovery?

A: We are always looking for talented analytics people. If you are passionate about creating change through the use of big data and love the technical side of digital marketing, please apply for an audition.  And if you’re working for another TMS solution and recognize the writing on the wall, we’d love to hear from you too.

We will be updating this post as more information becomes available so please revisit this page for more details.

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