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Before we start:

  • Search Discovery was not bought by Adobe. Only the Satel­lite tech­nol­ogy was purchased.
  • Search Discovery will continue to provide Satel­lite imple­men­ta­tion services
  • Current Satel­lite clients may continue to work with Search Discovery
  • We are actively taking on new analyt­ics and TMS busi­ness

The Search Discovery team, includ­ing our analyt­ics & TMS imple­men­ta­tion teams, are stronger than ever and we’re growing fast to meet the explo­sive data needs of the indus­try. We’re thrilled about Satellite’s future in the hands of Adobe and the exit of the first of many Search Discovery prod­ucts.

Why did Adobe choose Satellite?

What made Satel­lite unique and why it gained an almost “cult-like” follow­ing was the fact that we built it for ourselves and the needs of our clients. Adobe was looking for the market leader with a tech­nol­ogy that solved not just today’s prob­lems but those of tomor­row as well. The teams here at SDI are passion­ate in our belief that Satellite’s success and all of our future successes will be directly tied to our first hand expe­ri­ences working with amazing brands solving real-world prob­lems. As such, we want the world to know that we will be invest­ing heavily into the guru-like talent and our amazing services depart­ments in the coming months and years.

The Future of Search Discovery

With the completed build-out of our new office space, success of Satel­lite and growth of the services and imple­men­ta­tion staff, Search Discovery is prepar­ing for rapid growth in our tag manage­ment and analyt­ics services divi­sion.  Whether you want help with Site­Cat­a­lyst or Google Analyt­ics, Opti­mizely or Test & Target, Satel­lite or Google Tag Manager, our team of experts are ready to lever­age our knowl­edge as analyt­ics experts and a TMS provider to turn your big data into real direc­tion.