By Car­oli­na Bel­tran


**Giv­en the enor­mous amounts of data YouTube gen­er­ates, it should come as no sur­prise it offers robust ana­lyt­ics. YouTube’s first ana­lyt­ics offer­ing was called Insight. Released in 2008, Insight was a basic, self-ser­vice ana­lyt­ics and report­ing tool. Last Novem­ber, YouTube announced sev­er­al enhance­ments to Insight, includ­ing a name change to YouTube Ana­lyt­ics.

Ana­lyt­ics, of any type, whether site or video, is a crit­i­cal com­po­nent of any effec­tive online media strat­e­gy. Any suc­cess­ful mar­keter will tell you in-depth analy­sis of ana­lyt­ics data, and imple­men­ta­tion of that analy­sis, makes cam­paigns thrive. If that’s not com­pelling enough for you, basic (but thor­ough) pro­grams like YouTube Ana­lyt­ics are free. We want to high­light the dif­fer­ences between the old and new YouTube data sets and how they can help you run a great video cam­paign and make more mon­ey while you’re at it.

How It Works

YouTube’s first ana­lyt­ics prod­uct, Insight, was very basic – it was 2008 after all.  It allowed users to view data for a spe­cif­ic video or aggre­gate data from all videos for a chan­nel. The five main data types back then were Views & Pop­u­lar­i­ty, Dis­cov­ery, Demo­graph­ics, Audi­ence Atten­tion and Com­mu­ni­ty Engage­ment.

The Views & Pop­u­lar­i­ty reports con­sist­ed of trend lines and a heat map of views by loca­tion. The Dis­cov­ery reports dis­played search terms and relat­ed videos that led to your video. Demo­graph­ics reports dis­played age and gen­der infor­ma­tion and Audi­ence Atten­tion reports fea­tured Hot Spot – which com­pared your bounce and rewind rates to videos of a sim­i­lar length. The Com­mu­ni­ty Engage­ment reports were the most sophis­ti­cat­ed of all the report­ing, pro­vid­ing data on rat­ings, com­ment­ing and when some­one made your video a favorite.

In Novem­ber 2011, YouTube Ana­lyt­ics was announced and tout­ed as eas­i­er to use and smarter than ever. At-a-glance, the inter­face looks much sim­pler and the design is famil­iar – think Google Ana­lyt­ics. In this ver­sion, reports have been cat­e­go­rized into two types – Stan­dard and Engage­ment.  All reports are designed to enable the user to build big­ger audi­ences, make bet­ter videos and earn more mon­ey.

Build Big­ger Audi­ences

The Demo­graph­ic report helps you under­stand who your audi­ence is and where they are com­ing from so that you can bet­ter tai­lor and tar­get con­tent. These reports will help you learn where your audi­ence is locat­ed, their age and their gen­der.

The Traf­fic Source report pro­vides insight on web­sites and search­es dri­ving audi­ences to your con­tent. Use this report to pro­mote your videos more heav­i­ly to those sources.

The Sub­scriber report will show you which of your videos are dri­ving the most views and sub­scribers so that you can pro­mote them more heav­i­ly to gen­er­ate new audi­ences or cre­ate new, sim­i­lar videos to rein­vig­o­rate exist­ing audi­ences.

**One of the coolest reports in this new ver­sion of YouTube Ana­lyt­ics is the Audi­ence Reten­tion report. Here you’ll learn whether peo­ple are watch­ing your whole video or only parts of it and where they stop watch­ing. It’s a great report for find­ing out how long your videos should be to retain the most view­ers.

The Com­ments report gives you infor­ma­tion on which videos are dri­ving the most com­mu­ni­ty engage­ment and where the com­ments are com­ing from. Use this report to join the con­ver­sa­tion.

Make Bet­ter Videos

There are a few reports avail­able through YouTube Ana­lyt­ics that pro­vide insight on how to make your videos the best they can be for your audi­ence.

The Favorites report pro­vides infor­ma­tion on audi­ence rat­ings and favorites so you know which videos your audi­ence prefers and what kind of videos you should make more of.

The Shar­ing, Com­ments and Likes & Dis­likes reports help you iden­ti­fy the most engag­ing videos – indi­vid­ual video met­rics enable you to see which videos are being shared, com­ment­ed on and liked (or dis­liked) so you can cre­ate bet­ter con­tent.

Earn More Mon­ey

One of the most attrac­tive things about YouTube is the poten­tial for your videos to gen­er­ate lots of rev­enue, espe­cial­ly when you con­sid­er how many peo­ple vis­it YouTube dai­ly. YouTube Ana­lyt­ics gets you a bit clos­er to cap­tur­ing that rev­enue.

If you use the reports we’ve not­ed to build your audi­ence and make bet­ter videos, you’ll be able to project how much mon­ey you’ll earn on those videos. When you iden­ti­fy dri­vers (sites and audi­ences dri­ving the most views), you’ll gain insight on where to spend more to get more. **

**Found­ed in Feb­ru­ary 2005, YouTube is cur­rent­ly the world’s most pop­u­lar online video com­mu­ni­ty. By pro­vid­ing a home to videos like Char­lie Bit My Fin­ger, Evo­lu­tion of Dance and Dra­mat­ic Chip­munk, YouTube has led the way in pop­u­lar­iz­ing Inter­net trends in pop­u­lar cul­ture.

The amount of con­tent uploaded to YouTube every minute alone is stag­ger­ing:

  • 48 hours of video are uploaded every minute, result­ing in near­ly 8 years of con­tent uploaded every day
  • Over 3 bil­lion videos are viewed a day
  • Users upload the equiv­a­lent of 240,000 full-length films every week
  • More video is uploaded to YouTube in one month than the 3 major US net­works cre­at­ed in 60 years
  • 70% of YouTube traf­fic comes from out­side the US
  • YouTube is local­ized in 25 coun­tries across 43 lan­guages
  • YouTube’s demo­graph­ic is broad: 18–54 years old
  • YouTube reached over 700 bil­lion play­backs in 2010
  • 800M unique users vis­it YouTube each month**

Source: YouTube Press Sta­tis­tics

Gain­ing access to YouTube Ana­lyt­ics doesn’t require any­thing more than what you already have – a YouTube account.

We are ready to help you use the advanced YouTube report­ing to guide your video adver­tis­ing strat­e­gy and iden­ti­fy oppor­tu­ni­ties for new video con­tent. As we’ve seen through­out the years, YouTube isn’t sim­ply a video shar­ing web­site, it’s also a pow­er­ful social net­work and a cre­ative utopia for users and mar­keters alike. Let’s get start­ed on mak­ing the most of the YouTube Ana­lyt­ics enhance­ments soon – Con­tact us!