Core Values 2020 02


"You make considered decisions and come to sensible conclusions"

Judgment. Hmm…isn’t Judgment spelled with an ‘e’?. While the word may look a little funny, please be assured that we’ve used good judgment when spelling. Judgment is the preferred form in American English; you will find it as the preferred spelling in The AP Stylebook, The American Heritage Dictionary, and Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

And just to hit the point home that we’ve come to a sensible conclusion in regards to the spelling, here is a graph representing the spelling preference of the word over the last 200 years:

Screen Shot 2021 01 08 at 12.49.46 PM

Now that we have the serious business out of the way, we’d like to share with you some important video messages for you to consider so you too can make considered decisions and come to sensible conclusions:

Even during times of disappointment and frustration, we have to demonstrate good judgment.

Learning from others is a wise decision.

Even the best plans on paper run into unforeseen problems on the execution. You must be ready to pivot.
Applying the same solution to all problems isn’t always the best answer.
Don’t let the excitement of the moment get the best of you.
Letting the pressure get to you can cause a lapse in judgment.
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