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Nate Jackson

  Solutions Architect


To shine a consultant spotlight on Nate Jackson is to reveal some innovative web development work and cutting-edge solutions that extend and customize Domo’s BI capabilities. Nate joined Search Discovery four years ago as an analyst with a web development background, and our partnership with Domo provided opportunities for Nate to develop custom apps based on customer needs. Nate calls this partnership and development opportunity, “a natural transition into my wheelhouse.” This is no exaggeration.

Nate’s current work, which he will demo at Domopalooza, can be grouped into four categories:

1. Custom Reporting Solutions:

Several custom reporting apps were created for Carter Lumber and others that enable clients to have more flexibility in how they receive reports and utilize data. These apps include “Custom Excel Reports,” “SMS Field Reporting,” and “Automated PDF Reports”.

2. Real-time User Input Platform Extensions:

Clients like Novartis and other large corporations need tools that enable them to input data directly into Domo. Nate helped develop two apps that allow for this: a sales forecasting/sales planning app, “Sales Planner,” that helps users manage the pricing and volume of their products, and “Rapid Response,” a sales enablement tool that allows salespeople to compile and consolidate questions and answers for immediate access to shared intelligence. Normally this would have a long wait time or get lost entirely in someone’s email.

3. Custom Data Extraction:

Bayer critically needed to automate their AVC reporting, because, like many companies, they were spending a lot of time and effort exporting, transforming, and importing data into massive Excel files. These files were unmanageable, crash-prone, and ineffective at delivering mission-critical sales revenue data. Nate helped develop the “Amazon Vendor Central App”, which allows users to easily export and consume data. The app was so successful that Bayer declared it their “Nirvana of reporting.”

4. Data Governance

The “Automated Dataset Permissions” app requires a company’s data governance manager to set permissions only once and will apply them to hundreds of downstream data sets. The app increases security by eliminating the need for labor-intensive manual permission allocations and the risk of human error. As a part of an overall governance solution that gives clients visibility into issues, the Automated Dataset Permissions app provides the control to fix those issues quickly. Not only can the app pull permissions from 3rd party sources like Salesforce, but it can also provision users in Domo based on data pulled from an external system.

Nate is excited to work on the edge of Domo’s vision to provide APIs and myriad resources to help people customize and extend the platform. At the same time, he’s happy to be in a position with Search Discovery where he can develop customer-needs-based solutions that make managing data and extending the Domo platform easy. Contact us below to learn more about partnering with SDI to realize the potential of your data.

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