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The well-being of a person is critical to their ability to thrive.

When we determine the benefits we offer, we don’t just choose offerings that provide coverage for emergencies or unexpected costs, but programs that help each of our employees strive for balance, a healthier life, and better long-term planning.


We partner with Humana for our medical benefits with coverage levels for team member only, team member + spouse, team member + child(ren), and family. We offer a Basic, Buy-Up, and High Deductible plan to allow for options between higher premiums/lower out-of-pocket costs or lower premiums/higher out-of-pocket costs. Our focus is to offer a competitive program that balances monthly premiums with deductibles and co-pays while offering great coverage for our dispersed workforce.

Plan Details:

It is also important for us to partner with a company that focuses on the well-being of its members. Humana offers an industry-leading wellness program called Go365. This program offers rewards for the healthy activities of participants and offers Search Discovery a 7% discount on the total premium for participants that achieve Silver status and a 15% discount for achieving Gold status.

Your well-being is important to us and that’s why we have decided to pass the entire discount (including what we receive for the portion we pay) on to our people — that means savings of $800-$2800 per year for you!

Medical Insurance Premiums

(Costs are per pay period. Pay is 2x per month)
Silver status can be achieved in as little as 30 days!
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Go365 Wellness Program

Those participating in Humana’s medical benefits are part of their Go365 wellness program. Earn points and bucks for tracking your activities. This industry-leading program offers:

Big discounts on monthly premiums for attaining Silver and Gold status.

Discounts on gym memberships, Weight Watchers and healthy foods from Walmart.

Wellness Bucks that can be redeemed at the Go365 mall for gift cards from Amazon, Target, Lowes, etc. and on fitness devices.


Dental & Vision

We partner with Humana for our dental and vision benefits. We offer coverage for employee only, employee + spouse, employee + child(ren), and family. You can visit any licensed dentist or vision provider you want — with costs that are lower when you choose a participating provider. Additional discounts may be available for in-network vision services not covered by the plan.

Plan Details:

Dental & Vision Insurance Premiums (costs are per pay period):

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flexible spending account
& health savings account

Flexible Spending Account (FSA):

Using a FSA is great way to stretch your benefit dollars. You use before-tax dollars in your FSA to reimburse yourself for eligible out-of-pocket medical and dependent care expenses. That means you can enjoy tax savings and increased take-home pay—all with the convenience of a prepaid benefits card. Plus you can rollover $550 from one year to the next, reducing your risk of losing dollars at the end of the plan year.

Medical Care Spending Account

The Medical Care Spending Account is designed to help you pay for health care expenses that are not covered by a health, dental or vision insurance policy. The Account may reimburse you for qualified out-of- pocket medical expenses for all members of your dependent family regardless of whether they are covered by your employer’s insurance plan.

Dependent Care Spending Account

The Dependent Care Spending Account is designed to help you pay for daycare services for your child or dependent that make it possible for you and your spouse (if married) to work or be a full-time student.

Health Savings Account (HSA):

The HSA is only available to those that have enrolled in a High Deductible Health Plan. Using an HSA is a great way to stretch your benefit dollars. You use before-tax dollars in your HSA ($3,600 individual and $7,200 for family) to reimburse yourself for eligible out-of-pocket medical expenses.

There are many additional benefits for those contributing to an HSA:

  • HSAs are not linked to an employer. You can maintain your account through different jobs and into retirement.
  • No expiration. Any money left in your HSA at the end of the year is rolled over into the next year and beyond.
  • Money in an HSA grows tax-deferred (funds can be invested in stocks and bonds), and reimbursements for qualified healthcare expenses are also tax-free.


We want everyone to achieve the financial security to spend retirement as you choose. It’s up to you to save for your future and participating in our 401(k) retirement program can help you reach your goals! The earlier you start contributing the more powerful your money is and with many fund options and our company match, you can watch your savings grow!

  • Eligible to participate after your first pay (21 years and older).
  • Traditional (before tax) and Roth (after-tax) plan options.
  • Employer match (100% match of your first 1%, and 50% of your next 5% of contributions).
  • Auto-enrollment at 6% with choice increase contribution or waive enrollment.
  • 2‑year vesting schedule.
  • Prepare a will and other legal documents free!
  • Link and view student loan repayment options.
  • Comprehensive library of money management courses.

Financial Protection

Life Insurance:

Full-time team members are enrolled in the group life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance at no cost to the team member. This plan provides $50,000 of coverage for the team member.

Voluntary Life Insurance:

Full-time team members may enroll in this post-tax benefit for themselves, their spouse, and their child(ren) at low, aged based rates. This plan provides up to $500,000 of coverage for the team member, $250,000 for spouse, and $10,000 for children.

Short-term Disability:

Full-time team members are enrolled in the benefit at no cost to the team member. Coverage is provided as a result of an injury or sickness for a maximum of 11 weeks after a 2 week waiting period. Weekly income benefits will be 60% of earnings ($2,500 weekly max). The benefit can also be used by females who take maternity leave and would have a loss of income.

Long-term Disability

Full-time team members may enroll in this benefit for a low monthly premium. Coverage is provided should you be unable to work as a result of accident or sickness following the 90 day waiting period. Monthly income benefits will be 60% of earnings up to $200,000 salary ($10,000 monthly max) while you are disabled up to the social security normal retirement age, individual circumstances.

Voluntary Accident Insurance:

Full-time team members may enroll in this pre-tax benefit for a low monthly premium that offers payments for unplanned accidents. This benefit can be helpful in offsetting unexpected medical costs in the event of an accident. Examples include:

  • Ambulance transportation; emergency treatment;
    Hospitalization; surgery;
  • Dislocations; fractures; concussions;
  • Physical therapy; X‑rays
  • Burns; dental & eye injuries

You can also receive payment for annual wellness screening which can reduce the cost of this benefit to less than $100 per year!

time off

Paid Time Off (PTO):

We offer a flexible time-off program and generous holiday schedule that encourages balance.

Paid Holidays:

Full-time team members get 11 paid holidays each year; New Year’s Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (3 days), Christmas (2 days), and a Floating Holiday.

Parental Leave:

Search Discovery provides team members with 10 consecutive days of paid parental leave for those giving birth, who are the spouse of a woman giving birth, that have adopted a child, or that have been placed with a foster child.

In addition, we offer a ramp-down/ramp-up program to help new parents adjust. In this program we allow full-time team members to work an 80% schedule for 4 weeks leading up to the event and 4 weeks following the event at 100% pay.


We make continuous learning a priority from orientation and onboarding to ongoing investments in the growth of our people. Throughout your career with us, you’ll have access to a number of engaging development tools and courses through our learning portal to Amplify your abilities.

We have a number of programs committed to your development:
Amplify tagline

A comprehensive, self-paced on-boarding program!


Access to thousands of courses!

DAA SessionLogo

Access development and a community with our membership!


Achievement badges!

get certs

Get certified!

OverDrive Logo

Corporate lending library!

SearchDiscovery 472 couchgroup

Be a part of various communities created to share learnings and best practices to help bring out the best in everyone!

MG 5476

You’ll have a Flight Advisor focused on your development through ongoing meetings, feedback and engagement.

Office perks

In addition to working alongside some amazing people, we have some fantastic perks for working in our office including:

  • Community standing desks.
  • Free drinks and snacks.
  • Ping-pong, video games, board games, Whiskey/Wine Wednesday, and more fun.
  • Flexibility for personal obligations.
  • Technology investments for maximum collaboration including Zoom video conferencing, Slack, and Google Drive.
  • Regular company onsites to help everyone across our company build relationships with each other.
  • Monthly Town Halls to stay up-to-date on company news and celebrate the incredible work of our people.

Total Rewards Summary


  • PTO
  • 11 paid holidays
  • Parental leave
  • Flexibility for personal reasons


  • Thousands of self-paced courses
  • 25+ sponsored certifications
  • Career assessments
  • Lending library
  • Communities


  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Short & long-term disability
  • Life & accident insurance
  • 401(k) with match

Community & Purpose

  • Company onsites
  • Town Halls
  • Engage! meetings
  • Core values
  • Strategy, Playbook & OKRs
  • Free drinks and snacks
  • Technology investments

come thrive with us!

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