How to Optimize Ad Spend with an Automated Bidding Strategy for ROAS and CPA

In an effective automated bid strategy, marketers need to choose the appropriate metrics relative to their goals and set effective target ROAS (return on ad spend) and target CPAs (cost per conversion). This post helps you optimize ad spend within paid search. Embracing machine learning for automated bidding is becoming increasingly important. It’s not a

Audience Insights

How to Leverage Audience Insights in Search Marketing Strategies

Leveraging audience insights in display and social marketing is second nature. But these insights also can and should be a part of your search marketing strategy. This post details the advantages of elevating personas with audience segments

Data Informed Decision Making

A Data-Informed Framework for Decision-Making

Search Discovery outlines a data-informed framework for decision-making with straightforward, useful constructs (performance measurement and hypothesis validation).

Three Tips for Solving Sample Ratio Mismatch SRM

Sample Ratio Mismatch: What is it? Do I have it? How do I fix it?

Learn from Lukas Vermeer’s conversation with the Test and Learn Community about Sample Ratio Mismatch (SRM) or what he calls  “one neat trick to run better experiments.” Here’s a simple tool to test for data quality issues. The Test and Learn Community met with the Director of Experimentation at, Lukas Vermeer, on a beautiful

RCT Hero

Are You Down with RCT? The Solution to the 360-degree Fallacy

We outline a fundamentally different approach—randomized controlled trial study (RCT)—that does not fall prey to issues faced by marketers and analysts trying to rely on data that’s incomplete and getting worse.

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