Using Market Basket Analysis in GA

Market Basket Analysis (MBA) is a popular rule-based machine learning technique that can provide product recommendations to customers. This post shows you how to pull and wrangle the transactional data from the Google Analytics API.


Demystifying Multivariate Testing

Question: Four test subjects walk into a bar. The 1st wears a shirt and shoes. The 2nd wears a shirt but no shoes. The 3rd wears shoes but no shirt. The 4th wears no shirt and no shoes. Which ones got a drink?
Answer: Unfortunately, none of them accepted cookies, so we’ll never know.

XDM Migration Hero

Apollo – XDM Migration Tool!

Search Discovery’s Apollo can migrate your legacy Adobe Analytics implementation to XDM for use in Adobe Experience Platform, AEP, in a fraction of the time it takes to migrate manually.

Debug View GA4

How To Use DebugView in Google Analytics 4

This DebugView guide tells you the tools and steps you need to review your Google Analytics 4 tags in a test version of your IOS or Android Apps and your website.

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