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Several years ago, in a small conference room with a view of the Pacific, Kelly Wortham, Senior Director of Optimization at Search Discovery, was talking optimization with 17 others at the XChange conference. But, mid-conversation (mid-revelation, really), their time was up and they needed to move to the next “huddle.” An audible groan of disappointment arose. So Kelly encouraged everyone to continue the conversation via email. After a year, the group decided to have a monthly teleconference—called a “tele-huddle,” after their first XChange huddle. The group also decided to expand to include others.

Today, the Test & Learn Community is a rapidly growing community of more than 500 optimization practitioners and SMEs with a focus to create a space for good conversation and debate (and no sales!).

The TLC virtual web-huddle explores topics from high level governance, talent acquisition/retention, experiment design, and ideation to advanced topics like journey analytics, personalization methods, machine learning, and statistics in optimization. Each call is panel format with 3–6 SMEs doing most of the chatting, while others dial in to listen, ask questions, and learn. The goal of these calls is for the practitioners (ranging from newbies to experts) to teach and learn from each other.

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