No matter your industry or role, leveraging data empowers you to reach your goals. At Search Discovery, we understand that each industry has unique opportunities to leverage the transformational power of data, so we work across industries to provide specific solutions with your unique challenges and opportunities in mind.
Where Data is Gold. In a market where experts need data-driven solutions that are comprehensive enough to improve forecasting, detailed enough to manage risk and regulatory compliance, and innovative enough to deliver new products and increasingly personalized services, Search Discovery excels. We’ve provided analytic tools to help experts in this sector find new markets, drive campaign effectiveness, access employee performance, measure sales process, and more.

Our clients include global banking institutions, pensions and insurance companies, diversified financial service providers, property and casualty insurance, retail mortgage lending, tax relief and resolution, wealth management, securities brokerage, investment banking and non-profits.
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Where Data Drives Quality Outcomes. The industry’s high-stakes decisions about the quality of care and improved services are empowered by data that we deliver across a spectrum of specific needs. Search Discovery provides experience and expertise in this sector, along with tools that combine customer, product, and operational data to give Healthcare leaders comprehensive and specific data-driven solutions. We’ve worked to improve product launch and marketing performance programs, lead generation and recruitment analysis, clinical trial enrollment, franchise and site performance evaluations, occupancy management, overall financial health, and more.

Our clients include large pharmaceutical producers, hospital networks, in-home health care providers, specialty clinics, and medical device manufacturers.
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Where Data Creates Loyal Customers. We understand that this sector has a dual imperative to utilize data to attract and engage customers and to improve operational performance. In this highly competitive space, Search Discovery provides our clients with distinct advantages and focused solutions to utilize data in three areas: to maximize opportunity in the sales funnel, to analyze user behavior and customer value in order to constantly evaluate strategy, and to manage campaign effectiveness.

Our clients operate in these retail sectors: restaurant chains, beverage chains, global sporting goods company, footwear and apparel, beauty, and gaming.
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Where Data Prioritization Drives Decisions. Within the mountains of data available to Manufacturing and Distribution companies lies the strategic opportunity to prioritize and direct data to improve production performance, mobilize supply chains, and react to customer feedback. This work is challenging, and we know it. We’ve worked with clients to leverage their data to improve operations, including to reduce maintenance cycles, drive operational efficiencies, maximize opportunities in both the B2B and B2C sales funnels, manage cash flow, and understand overall financial health.

Our clients include: auto parts, furniture manufacturer, safety gear, general contractors, thermoplastic manufacturer, exterior remodeling solutions provider, and an aerial devices provider.
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Data for Operational Excellence. Managing and growing a professional services business demands excellence in decision-making and operations, which is why utilizing data is a critical element of success in this sector. We have worked with clients in every operational step to improve their marketing and campaign effectiveness, manage clients and overall delivery performance, understand impact of content creation, and manage cash flow and understand overall financial health.

Our clients include: marketing agencies, staffing firms, law offices, call centers, and consulting firms.
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Launched by Relevant Data. The travel industry is awash in both private and public data. Making sense of the vast amount of data is paramount. Identifying and leveraging relevant data and applying it to key business challenges can make significant impact for these companies. We have worked with a variety of travel-related business, tackling budget management, multi-location performance reporting, sales funnel optimization, and measuring marketing impact on sales.

Our clients include: boutique resorts, museums, hotels, natural attractions, private clubs, ski resorts, charter jets, and travel agents.
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Where Data Drives Content. We have partnered with companies to provide executive level reporting and insights across the organization, improve accuracy of sales forecasting, and measure the overall effect of marketing campaigns.

Our clients include: native advertising services providers, cable and satellite television news channel, direct response radio advertising agency.
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Where Data Drives Competitive Advantage. We have worked with companies in this industry to gain detailed insights about customer lifecycle, track sales rep performance, manage overall financial health, improve product/customer reporting, and manage overall effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Our clients include: software providers, telecommunications equipment manufactures, mobile security providers, cloud computing, security providers, cloud-based learning and talent management solutions providers, product development service providers, enterprise cloud phone system providers
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Whatever your industry, in uncertain times you need to be able to understand and trust your data more than ever. We can help.
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