Introducing Adobe AI-Driven Marketing Measurement

The Enduring Marketing Attribution Challenge

Attributing marketing effectiveness is a challenge as old as advertising itself. The two key questions we ask ourselves are how do we know which investments are working, and how do we best make changes to our allocations based on what we can observe.

Increasingly, as cookies and third-party data become less reliable, a successful data strategy relies on first-party. Businesses are reevaluating their efforts anew across the different channels and platforms in which they use to reach potential customers.

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Adobe’s Innovative AI-Driven Marketing Measurement Solution

Adobe’s AI-Driven Marketing Measurement solution combines AI-driven attribution with marketing mix modeling to improve the following:

  1. Faster time to insights, given Adobe’s AI-as-a-service approach
  2. Your confidence in your attribution data
  3. The efficacy of your marketing performance and planning using broader sets of data and machine learning
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The Solution Approach

AI-Driven Marketing Measurement brings together Attribution AI—an Adobe Experience Cloud tool that uses a bottom-up measuring method to assess the incremental impact of each individual customer action—and Marketing Mix Modeling—a top-down machine learning methodology that provides predictive planning and forecasting to optimize marketing spend against business goals.

Key Benefits of This Solution Approach:

  • Continual evaluation of marketing tactics and optimization recommendations
  • More confidence in your measurement and planning strategy
  • Available to both existing Adobe users and those not currently using Adobe solutions
  • Integrates with Adobe Analytics and Customer Journey Analytics, for those already using these solutions.

Why partner with Search Discovery on this solution?

Search Discovery is one of an initial group of partners helping Adobe launch this solution, and we’re very excited about its potential to drive measurable impact to our clients’ marketing performance. We can help you explore how this innovative solution can impact your marketing performance and help you get up and running with Adobe’s solution quickly. Read more on our blog.

Get in touch to learn more about how AI-Driven Marketing Measurement can benefit your attribution and marketing mix planning.

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