Join the open dialogue session on the topic of heuristic analysis. Optimization experts will share their knowledge, then open the floor to your questions.

August 11th
1:30 - 2:00 PM EST

Search Discovery and Conductrics have partnered together to bring you a virtual session to learn more and speak with three of the authors of the Whitepaper; Structured Ideation Methods to Drive High-Value Test Ideas. This will be a 30-minute open dialogue session where you, the audience, can ask our panelists questions to dig into deeper knowledge about heuristic analysis.

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Our panelists

Matt Gershoff is Co-founder of Conductrics, an intelligent decision engine platform. Matt has over 15 years experience in database marketing and web analytics. He holds MS degrees in both Economics & Artificial Intelligence. A few of Matt’s specialties include Web Analytics, Database Marketing, Decision Optimization, Data Mining, Adaptive Agent models.
Kelly is an Optimization SME with expertise developed over the last 15+ years in digital technologies, evidence-driven ideation and prioritization, process and program design, controlled experimentation, training, and personalization. She focuses on identifying program needs and helping her clients build or improve their optimization and personalization programs.
Theresa has spent 12+ years specializing in the building of digital strategies in analytics and optimization programs. As a practitioner, she enjoys building out hypothesis libraries, spending an afternoon digging deep in an Adobe Workspace, and exploring new technology and solutions to drive meaningful business results.


Guide to Structured Ideation Methods to Drive High-Value Test Ideas

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